The Ultimate Guide to the LA Gallery Scene

L.A. Louver
Photo: LA Louver

Let's go see some art

Los Angeles art galleries are having a moment right now. Creatives and collectors alike are looking to the City of Angels for what's happening now. Curators are opening unique and gorgeous spaces all over the city, inspiring artistic communities in every neighborhood. Whether you are looking to buy incredible artwork or just get a sense of the LA's creativity and its history, this vibrant, expanding art world scene has something to offer every enthusiast.

“I grew up here, so let me see if I can put my connection with LA into words. There are all of these emotions– there’s grief, there’s love, and there’s walking over the freeway passes on the bridge and feeling like it’s an ocean.”
~ Carmen Argote (b. 1981), multidisciplinary artist.
Carmen Argote at ICA LA
Carmen in her show at ICA LA. Photo: Chela Simon-Trench
“LA as a city for an artist…the biggest stand out is its light and space. The influence of Southern California and LA specifically on my work has been around something cosmic, even new age– the way that those ideas are more welcomed and even propagated here than in other cities like New York, Paris, or London.”
~ MPA (b. 1980), installation and performance artist.
MPA at Night Gallery
MPA at her Night Gallery show. Photo: Chela Simon-Trench
"I moved to LA because I thought it would be good for my work. These themes– the conflict and contradictions of Angelenos and the ecological crisis are in high relief. There is an audience– people here really care about these same issues and can connect with the work."
~ Sterling Wells (b. New York, NY), painter.
Sterling Wells
The artist at work in the LA River. Photo: Night Gallery