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London West Hollywood's Gate Suite

The London, West Hollywood

Centrally located and steps away from the Sunset Strip, the all-suite London West Hollywood recently unveiled five new luxurious Gate Suites with 1,440 to 2,000 square feet (130.06 to 185.81 square meters) to of elegant residential-style surroundings and stunning views. Drawing inspiration from London’s iconic Hyde Park, the distinct one-bedroom Gate Suites offer an eclectic mix of layouts, dining rooms, adjoining suites, a butler entrance and studies. Offering a fusion of quiet glamour and effortless luxury, these havens are mindfully tailored for pure comfort. For more information visit The London’s Gate Suites.

The London also recently debuted an entire floor dedicated to hosting press junkets, conferences and star-studded interviews of all sizes. Whether it’s a product announcement, brand launch or gaming introduction, The London offers an array of well-defined spaces with customizable floor plans that can elevate any event into an A-list affair. The lux locale features ample space for hospitality, receptions, stylists, grooming and private talent access. Steps away, a private screening room can accommodate up to 110; featuring plush seats, Dolby surround sound and an outer salon that can conveniently serve pre- and post-drinks. For more information, technical specs and capacities visit The London’s Junket Room.
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The London will elevate luxury to a new level when it unveils The London Penthouse in the coming months. The 3,000-square-foot (278.70 square meters) Penthouse will offer two floors of cosmopolitan living with an expansive open living design. Surrounded by views of the L.A. skyline, guests will be able to lounge, relax, dine or enjoy drinks on a personal terrace complemented with a fire pit. Featuring a table for ten, modern kitchen, media room with sizeable screen, the two-bedroom suite will also serve as the ideal setting for an unrivaled corporate meeting or private event.

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Sheraton Downtown Los Angeles

A short walk away from Los Angeles Convention Center and L.A. LIVE campus, the Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown is nearing completion of a new exciting hotel and shopping experience. The $45 million renovation currently underway includes upgrading the hotel’s 496 rooms and suites, lobby and outdoor spaces as well as its 10,000-square-foot ballroom (929.03 square meters) and 26,000 total square foot meeting spaces (2,415.48 square meters). The hotel’s new design will pay homage to the city’s heritage of 1920s glamour and is expected to be completed this May. For a sneak peek at the new experience, click here.

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Located in the heart of Downtown’s financial district, the Sheraton is an anchor of The Bloc, an impressive open-air shopping and office complex currently undergoing $180 million in renovations. Set to be unveiled for an October grand opening, The Bloc Downtown will deliver a new multi-level public plaza experience with a transformed 250,000-square-foot (23225.76 square meters) open-environment Macy’s department store, unique retail concepts and several restaurants. For more information, click here.