La La Land


The City of Angels once again gets a star turn courtesy of LA LA LAND. The characters Mia and Sebastian, played by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, sashay around town in love with each other and Los Angeles. Read on for how to make your own magic during a movie-like visit.

Dive Into La La Land

“Los Angeles is a city that reveals itself bit by bit, like an onion, if you take time to explore it.”

- Damien Chazelle, Writer/Director

Griffith Park

Spanning more than 4,300 acres, Griffith Park is the 11th-largest municipally owned park in the U.S. After a Hollywood Hills party, Sebastian and Mia discover a spectacular view of the San Fernando Valley, where they perform the showstopper “A Lovely Night.” The sequence was filmed in one take at "Cathy's Corner" off Mt. Hollywood Drive.

Lighthouse Cafe

The Lighthouse Café in Hermosa Beach has showcased jazz since May 1949, featuring legendary jazz musicians like Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Art Blakey and Cannonball Adderley. Today the club books music from jazz to reggae and rock. Read on for the best jazz clubs and weekly music nights in Los Angeles.

Hermosa Pier

Extending over the Pacific Ocean, the Hermosa Pier is a popular destination for fishing and gorgeous sunsets. After they visit The Lighthouse Cafe, Sebastian strolls the pier and sings "City of Stars."


Pasadena Bridge

The Colorado Street Bridge was proclaimed the highest concrete bridge in the world upon completion in 1913. With its majestic arches rising 150 feet into the sky, this now historic bridge has impressed travelers and locals from the day it opened, and is a romantic landmark in the modern Los Angeles area. Recreate Mia and Sebastian’s bridge interlude or discover other area architectural high points here.

Griffith Observatory

One of L.A.’s greatest cultural attractions, the Griffith Observatory has appeared in numerous TV shows and films, perhaps most famously in Rebel Without a Cause (1955), starring James Dean and Natalie Wood. As an homage, Sebastian and Mia visit the Observatory, where an unforgettable scene takes place in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium.

Angels Flight

During a montage, Sebastian and Mia ride the landmark Angels Flight, located off Hill Street in Downtown Los Angeles. Though the Bunker Hill funicular has been closed since 2013, the filmmakers got permission to use Angels Flight for a day.

Grand Central Market 

The montage also features the Grand Central Market, located across from Angels Flight. Opened in 1917, the landmark market houses a multicultural collection of classic and modern food vendors. In the montage, Sebastian and Mia stop by Sarita's Pupuseria.

Watts Towers

The world-famous Watts Towers were built by Italian immigrant construction worker Sabato (aka "Sam" or "Simon") Rodia in his spare time over a period of 33 years, from 1921 to 1954. Rodia, a Watts resident, built the towers by himself, using only hand tools and window washer's equipment. The monumental sculpture was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1990, and has become point of pride for the community, hosting events such as the annual Day of the Drum Festival and the Simon Rodia Watts Towers Jazz Festival.

The SmokeHouse

Thanks to its proximity to Warner Bros., the SmokeHouse Restaurant has been a favorite hangout for the entertainment industry since it was established in 1946. The legendary steakhouse stands in for the supper club where Sebastian plays holiday tunes.


 LA LA LAND Day in L.A. is April 25, 2017.

Mayor Eric Garcetti has announced that Tuesday, April 25, 2017 is officially La La Land Day in Los Angeles. The dedication ceremony, which is free and open to the public, will take place at City Hall beginning at 8:30 a.m.