Everyone is Welcome

Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board launched its ‘Everyone is Welcome’ initiative in key international markets in April. ‘Paper Planes,’ created by Discover L.A.’s in-house creative team, is an inspirational journey that takes viewers through the streets and shores of Los Angeles. Set to the soundtrack of L.A.-local Father John Misty’s song, “Real Love Baby,” it features cameos of famed street art by Shepard Fairey and DourOne; Madonna’s choreographer Megan Lawson and dancer, Jo’Artis Ratti (Big Mijo); and, Layla Shaikely, creator of the #mipsterz (Muslim hipsters) trend. Half of the cast for the video were literally chosen on the streets of L.A., in real-time. The spot delivers an authentic message of hope, wonder and the destination’s willingness to accept everyone with open arms.

To date, the video has amassed more than 17 million views, globally.

As part of the initiative's next phase, hundreds of Angelenos helped L.A. Tourism create one of the world’s largest, human-powered welcome signs in the flight path of LAX on Saturday May 6. Synchronized volunteers spelled out “welcome” in Spanish, Chinese, English and Arabic, in a spectacular, stadium-style show, to welcome visitors arriving from around the globe. T

Here's how L.A.'s community greeted incoming visitors: https://www.facebook.com/DiscoverLosAngeles/videos/10154352647691010