Where to Find Breakfast Pizza in Los Angeles

Ajaragan with sujuk at Ani Bakery | Photo by Joshua Lurie

Who said people could only have pizza for lunch or dinner? Throw an egg on top and suddenly your pizza is suitable for breakfast. Some of the finest specimens draw on traditions from Italy, America, the Middle East and former Soviet Republics. Learn where to find 10 top breakfast pizzas that L.A. restaurants serve during breakfast or brunch.

Ajaragan with sujuk at Ani Bakery | Photo by Joshua Lurie

Ani Bakery

Nora Tomassian and husband Paul are Armenians from Iraq and Lebanon, respectively. The couple have owned Ani since 2006, naming their bakery for a city in Armenia. The space houses white shelves loaded with groceries like beans, pickles, tahini and pomegranate molasses. Still, Ani’s display cases are more inviting, with a variety of primarily savory flatbreads in different shapes and sizes. Ajaragan is a flatbread with crisp edges, molten queso fresco and two cracked eggs. Bolster your flatbread with sujuk (thin-sliced Armenian sausage), or dial up the funk with basturma (well-spiced beef).

Breakfast pizza at Dinette | Photo by Joshua Lurie


Gareth Kantner’s Echo Park window features worn metal tables and stools, a coffee bar stocked with Intelligentsia beans and prodigious pastries, and a mix of American, French and Italian comfort food during breakfast at lunch. Their Breakfast Pizza touts a pleasantly chewy crust blanketed with molten mozzarella and Parmesan cream sauce. Toppings consist of chopped country ham, a runny egg, scallions, shaved Parmesan, chile flake and parsley. The finishing touch is a drizzle of olive oil.

Breakfast pizza at Jon & Vinny's
Breakfast pizza at Jon & Vinny's  |  Photo: Joshua Lurie

Jon & Vinny's

Chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo literally put their names on the line with their Italian-American restaurant on a booming stretch of Fairfax. The airy glass-fronted space houses an open kitchen, blonde wood from floor to ceiling, and longtime hospitality maestro Helen Johannesen’s wine shop in back. At breakfast, Jon & Vinny’s serves a savory breakfast pizza with thin-sliced Zuckerman’s Farm Yukon gold potatoes, rosemary, olive oil, Parmesan, red onion and a single egg with bright orange yolk. The pizza sports a crisp, supple crust that’s blistered at the edges. Add Niman Ranch bacon to ratchet up the savory quotient or if you need meat.

Duck Egg Pie at Love & Salt
Duck Egg Pie at Love & Salt  |  Photo: Joshua Lurie

Love & Salt

Guy Gabriele, daughter Sylvie and Chef Michael Fiorelli transformed Manhattan Beach standby Café Pierre into this airy showcase for Cal-Italian cuisine. The space features an arched ceiling with wood spine, open kitchen, massive communal table in the middle and a back door sign featuring salt shakers that decoratively fill the letters LOVE. An oven burns almond wood and yields pizza with pliable crusts, including a Duck Egg Pie with salty pancetta strips, panna, thin-sliced potato, rosemary, mozzarella, Parmesan and a vivid duck egg, which your server will break and scatter tableside.

Breakfast pizza at Milo and Olive | Photo by Joshua Lurie

Milo & Olive

In early 2015, Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan expanded Milo & Olive, their three-square California Italian café. Now the space features exposed wood rafters, more marble tables, bar space and art. Their turquoise oven burns almond wood and produces a supple crust topped with crumbled house-made pork sausage, buttery Weiser Farms fingerling potatoes, pickled Fresno Chile, rosemary cream, a cracked farm egg, a dusting of chopped parsley, and if you like, chile flakes.

Ajarakan at Mush Bakery | Photo by Joshua Lurie

Mush Bakery

East Hollywood houses a treasure trove of international concepts in strip malls, and Mush Bakery is one of the best. Syria native Serop Agadzhanyan opened Mush in 2009, naming their bakery for a town built by Armenian King Mushig that now falls within Turkey’s borders. Mush primarily showcases savory Middle Eastern flatbreads, and ajarakan is one of the best. This football-shaped pastry takes about 30 minutes to bake, but it’s worth the wait for the mudslide of salty cheese and two cracked eggs, which arrives with a dusting of black pepper and spicy Aleppo pepper from the owner’s homeland.

Salmon khachapuri at Rico's Pizza | Photo by Joshua Lurie

Rico’s Pizza

This neighborhood pizzeria, which dates to 1956 and rests southeast of Downtown Burbank, houses mottled yellow, brown and lime green walls, along with a 3-D outline of Italy ringed with pizzas. The current owner, who’s Armenian from Iran, took over in 2003 and installed Middle Eastern flourishes. In addition to pepperoni and mushroom, you can now find off menu ajarski khachapuri, a basic oval crust topped with mozzarella, feta cheese with two cracked eggs. They also have basturma handy, but your best bet is to add chopped salmon, dill, and if you’re smart, hot sauce.

Chilaquiles Pizza at Stella Barra
Chilaquiles Pizza at Stella Barra  |  Photo: Joshua Lurie

Stella Barra Pizzeria - Santa Monica

At this Lettuce Entertain You pizza chain fronted by Chef Jeff Mahin, which now spans from Santa Monica to Maryland, they serve four different breakfast pizzas during weekend brunch. Each pizza promises “locally milled flour, filtered water, sea salt and fresh yeast” and hosts five scrambled eggs baked in their deck oven. The chewy crust on the chilaquiles pizza hosts Parmesan cream sauce, crispy tortilla strips, sharp Grana Padano, Fresno chiles, scallions and tangy Cholula hot sauce.