The Best Shops in LA for Hollywood Hand Me Downs

You can literally step into the shoes of your favorite stars!

Napoleonic costumes at Western Costume Company

Napoleonic costumes | Photo: Western Costume Company, Facebook

What happens to all those amazing costumes, sets and props when your favorite, most binge-worthy TV show gets canceled? There’s a good chance they’ll end up on the rack at one of Hollywood’s wardrobe liquidation outlets, where those in the know shop for steep discounts on once-worn items that quite possibly may have touched the skin of your ultimate film or TV crush. Imagine the brownie points when you’re watching New Girl re-runs with your roomies, and the very sweater you’re wearing pops up on screen? This too, can be you.

It's A Wrap | Photo: Keesha F, Yelp

It's A Wrap | Photo: Keesha F, Yelp

Best Wardrobe Cast-Offs: It’s A Wrap

This sprawling 7,000 square-foot fashion and prop resale emporium in Burbank has been a costume repository for Hollywood since 1981, when founder Janet Dion was working on the CBS Radford Studios lot. Asked to auction off wardrobe and sets for The Muppet Movie, Raise the Titanic and Hard Country, Dion realized there might be a market among ordinary souls for many of the items that were passing through her hands. You can find props, super discount accessories and costumes here, but we especially love going upstairs to the designer wares section, where Prada, Vivienne Westwood and Yves St. Laurent - worn by starlets from all your favorite shows and movies - can be found at 35-95% off retail. The store even goes so far as to list the name of the show the item came from on the price tag, often mentioning the actor who wore it. Look for sales every two to four weeks.

Best Props and Set Items: Previously On

Studios blow a fortune buying high end couches, end tables, lamps and countless other props for their movies. But where do they go once it’s a wrap? Some of the finer items find their way to the showroom at this beloved prop and set recycler, which liquidates assets for studios once TV shows and pilots are either canceled or not picked up for more episodes. What better way to battle the pain of losing your favorite show than with a little retail therapy, where you can gather items you saw on-screen at a fraction of the price with a little provenance to boot?

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Best Stylist Hand Me Downs: Decades

Celebrities have this thing where they don’t want to be seen in public wearing the same outfit twice—the struggle is real—and Decades is where their stylists often go to consign or sell their clients’ once-worn designer castoffs. Which is great news for us, of course. Who doesn’t want to wear haute couture or ready-to-wear hand-me-downs from Sharon Stone, Selena Gomez or J-Lo at a fraction of the retail price? Come here for that special occasion splurge, whether it’s a Prada dress, Chloe pants, or dreamy Givenchy shoes.

Photo: Western Costume Company, Facebook

Photo: Western Costume Company, Facebook

Best Almost-Famous Halloween Costumes: Western Costume Co.

Nowhere else in the world can mere mortals browse shirts worn by the cast of No Country For Old Men and Catch Me If You Can, not to mention whatever’s left over from the Titanic shoot - the entire cast was costumed by these guys. From providing the wardrobe for Gone with the Wind to many of the latest big budget studio productions, this is the granddaddy of Hollywood costume companies, with a fascinating history that dates back to 1912. To visit, set up an account on the store’s website and then you can browse the huge warehouse, where you’ll find some show-stopping Halloween costumes. Prices range from $45 to $325, and they’ll even let you keep your costume for the entire month of October - you’ll definitely want to wear these outfits more than once.