Gay Los Angeles: The Best Burgers in LA

The Pug Burger at The Hungry Cat | Photo courtesy of Frontiers
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Whether you're a meat or veggie eater, Los Angeles has no shortage of good food. But one thing in particular we've taken careful notes on: the variety of burgers this city has to offer. After exhaustive research, we've compiled some of the best burgers in Los Angeles.

The Topping: Plan Check

Plan Check Burger
Plan Check Burger | Photo courtesy of Plan Check Sawtelle, Facebook

Plan Check - located in Sawtelle Japantown as well as a new location on Fairfax - has a namesake burger that arrives with a strip of “ketchup leather,” a bizarre, stretchy sheet of tomato flavoring that resembles a Fruit Roll-Up. It sounds dubious, but melted between the beef patty and the bun it tastes amazing. 1800 Sawtelle Blvd., West LA

The Turkey: Hole in the Wall Burger Joint

Hole in the Wall Burger Joint’s lack of ambiance is half its charm—the West LA location is literally hidden in a back alley. The delicious turkey patty, served on top of their pretzel bun, is a heavenly pairing that should not be missed. 7998 Santa Monica Blvd., WeHo; 11058 Santa Monica Blvd., West LA

The Tuna: Blue Dog Beer Tavern

Located in Sherman Oaks, Blue Dog Beer Tavern sears up a satisfying slice of rare ahi tuna, and tops it with the right amount of wasabi mayo and sesame slaw. Bonus points for the bun—it holds up to the fish instead of falling to pieces beneath it, as many do. 4524 Saugus Ave., Sherman Oaks

The Fast: Five Guys

Five Guys burger | Photo courtesy of Frontiers

Five Guys, an East Coast burger staple, is slowly encroaching on In-N-Out’s LA turf, and it’s a worthy competitor. Made to order, the patty is thicker than your standard fast food burger, and there is a good selection of free items to top it with. There’s a Five Guys across from West Hollywood’s beer bar Gym—a brilliant and convenient combination. 8731 Santa Monica Blvd., WeHo; mulitiple other locations throughout LA.

The Beef: The Golden State

The Burger at Golden State | Photo courtesy of Frontiers

Santa Monica’s Rustic Canyon and Downtown’s Lazy Ox Canteen both have hearty beef burgers on their menu. But the gold medal goes to Hollywood’s The Golden State. Perfect in size, flavor and toppings (applewood bacon and arugula), with a more reasonable price tag than its competition. 426 N. Fairfax Ave., L.A.

The Brunch: The Hungry Cat

The Pug Burger at The Hungry Cat | Photo courtesy of Frontiers

A good breakfast is hard to beat, but even The Hungry Cat’s tempting traditional brunch offerings can’t distract from their gigantic, flavorful burger. Order it with a fried egg on top and the city’s best Bloody Mary on the side, and you’ll wish every Sunday could start like this. 1535 Vine St., Hlywd; 100 W. Channel Rd., Santa Monica