The Best Shops in L.A. for Hollywood Hand Me Downs

You can literally step into the shoes of your favorite stars!

Isabelle Fuhrman at Decades
Isabelle Fuhrman at Decades | Instagram by @isabellefur

What happens to all those amazing costumes, sets and props when your favorite, most binge-worthy TV show gets canceled? There’s a good chance they’ll end up on the rack at one of Hollywood’s wardrobe liquidation outlets, where those in the know shop for steep discounts on once-worn items that quite possibly may have touched the skin of your ultimate film or TV crush. Imagine the brownie points when you’re watching New Girl re-runs with your roomies, and the very sweater you’re wearing pops up on screen? This too, can be you.

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Caroline Ryder

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8214 Melrose Ave.
90046 Los Angeles , CA
11041 Vanowen St.
91605 North Hollywood , CA
3315 W. Magnolia Blvd.
91505-2306 Burbank , CA
3516 W Magnolia Blvd
91505 Burbank , CA