Hidden Gems in Century City

"Laura" at Fairmont Century Plaza
"Laura" | Photo: Fairmont Century Plaza

A former ranch belonging to cowboy actor Tom Mix and then a 20th Century Fox studio backlot, Century City was redeveloped in the 1960s as a master-planned commercial and residential city-within-a-city centered upon sparkling high-rises. Best known as a center for business and commerce, with only around 2,500 residents, it can be
easy to overlook Century City’s public attractions. But there are a few! Read on ...

The Cellar Bar and Grill
Photo crédit : The Cellar Bar and Grill

The Cellar Bar and Grill

This self-described “friendliest restaurant & bar” comprises a cozy, brick and wood-panel lounge with comfy leather seating plus an airy patio. Catering chiefly to Century City’s vibrant business community, Cellar Bar & Grill is only open on weekdays, 11:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. Its faithful regulars savor distinctive entrées such as London Broil (tender slices of beef served with sides of the day), vegetable stir fry, meatloaf, and a Low Carb Combo comprising a choice of sliced tri-tip, hamburger patty, veggie patty, or chicken breast, served with cottage cheese. A must-try if you’re passing through Century City – or need to unwind after that high-pressure meeting nearby!

Century Park

Century Park comprises a trio of “trophy” office buildings: 2000 Avenue of the Stars and the Century Plaza Towers. Occupying an entire 14-acre city block, it’s where a lot of Los Angeles’ legal and entertainment business gets done. Yet between these concrete and glass behemoths lurks an actual four-acre park. Surprisingly lush and dappled with shade from maple trees, this is where lawyers, execs, and accountants come for a break or just to work outdoors for a change. Stopping for a coffee and snack from one of the adjacent restaurants can offer an enlightening taste of one of the commercial heartbeats of this great city. Find programmed live music performances in the summer months during lunch hours.

Quiche of the Day at Clementine in Century City
Quiche of the Day | Photo: Clementine

Clementine - Century City

Clementine is Century City’s primo spot for a true Californian breakfast, lunch or dinner created from the very freshest seasonal and local ingredients. Vegans, vegetarians, and others with dietary restrictions will enjoy a menu which is not only inclusive of their needs but also tastes delicious to boot. With a popular pastry counter and deli section plus imaginative breakfasts, specialty salads, heat-at-home options, and the cheesiest grilled cheese imaginable, everyone leaves Clementine thoroughly satiated.


 The arrival of Dreamscape at Century City's Westfield mall in 2018 brought a new escape to the normally work-a-day neighborhood. Here, adventure seekers will find story-based full-roam virtual reality experiences, with 5 new rotating titles to choose from at a time. The 7,800-square-foot Westfield Dreamscape space comprises “pods” where up to six players can be immersed in VR adventures such as Alien Zoo, DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy, and MIB First Assignment, encountering fully rendered avatars of one another. Fun for the family.

"Laura" at Fairmont Century Plaza
"Laura" | Photo: Fairmont Century Plaza

Fairmont Century Plaza

While it may not qualify as a typical “hidden gem”, after a 2.5 billion dollar renovation, and reopening in 2021, architect Minoru Yamasaki’s mid century masterpiece, the Fairmont Century Plaza has many nooks and crannies worth experiencing. Just for starters, you can find a 14,000 square foot spa on the lower level, complete with private salons, a Hammam and a Himalayan Salt Room, or the chic marble lobby bar with glass walls that roll up to take in the outdoors on gentle evenings , embellished by the world class art collection, beginning with the futuristic, insta -worthy wire sculpture named “Laura” that greets you upon arrival.

Fox Plaza | Photo courtesy of Tristan Reville, Flickr

Fox Plaza

Fox Plaza offers the opportunity for movie buffs to grab a brag-alicious selfie – with a building! Completed in 1987, the 34-floor tower is best known as the fictional Nakatomi Plaza in 1988 Bruce Willis is-it-or-isn’t-it-a-Christmas-movie, Die Hard. As its name implies, the 34-story structure houses real-life Fox Studios offices, and previously also those of Ronald Reagan for several years after his presidential terms. But it’s screen time that’s made this distinctive rust-red and glass structure famous, having also been featured in Fight Club, Speed, and Lethal Weapon 2.

Photo courtesy of Hinoki & the Bird, Facebook

Hinoki & The Bird

Housed on the ground floor of a residential building deep inside Century City , Hinoki & the Bird is decidedly a destination restaurant, rather than somewhere you might just stumble upon. Opened in 2013 by influential L.A. “Golden Age” chef David Myers, it’s a travel-inspired dining concept helmed since 2016 by acclaimed Executive Chef Brandon Kida. Amidst sleek, airy, and earthy Milo Garcia-designed indoor/outdoor surrounds, Kida’s team pushes California cuisine into vibrant new places, taking cues from his travels along the Silk Road to harmoniously combine bright flavors, a healthful sensibility, and virtuoso culinary technique. Perfect for a clandestine meet up or an unexpected celebrity sighting.