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Last month, the Tourism Marketing District (TMD) conducted its bi-annual TMD Regional Meetings with General Managers and Directors of Sales & Marketing from TMD hotels in all five regions of the City of Los Angeles.

TMD Chairman Javier Cano, General Manager of the JW Marriott and The Ritz Carlton L.A. LIVE, kicked off the presentation by providing an overview of the TMD’s Calendar Year 2023 budget, which is estimated at approximately $34.1 million and required to be spent in the following manner: 71% Marketing, 20% Sales, 5% Reserves, 3% Administrative and 1% City Fee. He also welcomed continuous feedback and engagement from TMD members on how TMD funds can provide programs and activities that benefit their hotels. Chairman Cano also provided updates on the TMD renewal.
Director of Tourism Insights, Gina Triglia, shared updated lodging metrics for TMD Hotels thru April 2023 and provided key data metrics for each of the five L.A. regions. Please refer to the PowerPoint Presentation links (below) for region-specific YTD lodging metrics.
Chief Marketing Officer, Don Skeoch, detailed the CY2023 marketing strategic levers, provided updates on the Global Creative and Advertising campaign, and reviewed the budget, objectives and strategies for each of L.A.’s international markets. 

Chief Sales Officer, Darren Green, and SVP of Hotel Sales, Bryan Churchill, offered an overview of the current sales, citywide and hotel sales focus areas, as well as detailed industry trends and provided an overview of the sales budget for CY23. The continued focus of the Sales team is to protect and retain as much future business as possible. They also shared a list of upcoming Industry Trade Shows and Conferences, which include partnership opportunities. Contact Bryan at to learn more.  

As a reminder, TMD meetings are an opportunity to provide feedback and input on the programming efforts conducted by Los Angeles Tourism to improve business at your TMD hotel. We encourage you to attend these meetings and share your valuable feedback!
PowerPoint Presentations for the Regional Meetings:
The Valley

We are looking to hold the next round of Regional Meetings in December 2023. If you are interested in hosting a future meeting, please contact Gina Reed, TMD Project Manager, at