The Guide to Shopping in the Arts District

Dover Street Market
Photo: Dover Street Market

Historically, the Arts District wasn't known as a shopping hub. Today, its growing collection of retail outlets is attracting shoppers from near and far. Read on and shop everything from local artisans to the global fashion brands at Dover Street Market.

NOTE: Hours and opening dates change frequently. Check individual websites for updated information.

Artist & Craftsman Supply
Artist & Craftsman Supply | Instagram by @theallisonburnscooper

Artist & Craftsman Supply - Downtown L.A.

Ordinarily, an art supply store doesn't seem like the sort of shop that's high on a traveler's list of destinations. However, Artist & Craftsman Supply in the Arts District is in possession of a small toy and novelty section that's an absolute delight. You'll find small things to occupy the kids, like glow-in-the-dark bugs and sidewalk chalk, but it's not just fun for the little ones here. Vintage-style robots, Edgar Allan Poe fake tattoos and an Edward Gorey jigsaw puzzle were some of the adult-friendly items for sale on a recent visit.

Patches at Descontrol Punk Shop
Patches at Descontrol Punk Shop | Instagram by @descontrol_shop

Descontrol Punk Shop

If you have a punk rock heart, Descontrol Punk Shop will instantly capture it. This small Arts District shop is so legit that their advertising looks like DIY show flyers. Inside Descontrol, you'll find classic tracks on vinyl and underground cassette releases, plus music videos and cult films on DVD and VHS. The clothing racks are filled with band t-shirts and vintage leather jackets. Since you probably don't want to wear a plain jacket to your next concert, you can get patches and pins here too.

Dover Street Market
Photo: Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market

Described by Vogue as a "game changer," the 15,000 square-foot Dover Street Market is an industrial-chic, multi-brand boutique featuring designer collections from Gucci, Balenciaga, Raf Simons, Sacai, and numerous Comme des Garçons brands.

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co in the Arts District
Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co | Photo: @gatsbycoram, Instagram

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co.

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co. isn't your average camping goods supplier. Sure, you'll find backpacks and first aid kits here, but the collection is a bit more refined than what you'll find at the big stores. Hatchet's menswear selection is ample and filled with casual clothing that's good for a barbecue, but might not be ideal for more rugged pursuits. Shelves are lined with candles and cabin spray in scents that bring the outdoors inside. It's certainly more of a place to pick up necessities for a glamping trip, as opposed to a camping one, but there are some fun finds at Hatchet Outdoor Supply.

Hennessey + Ingalls in the Arts District
Photo: Hennessey + Ingalls, Facebook

Hennessey + Ingalls

What's an Arts District without an art bookstore? In 2016, the mixed use One Santa Fe complex got exactly that. For decades, Hennessey + Ingalls had been a Westside institution, where they served generations of art professionals and the art curious. Moving to the Arts District seems to be a good fit for H + I, with its bounty of books on subjects ranging from architecture to music and cooking. Hennessey + Ingalls also hosts in-store events like book signings. Check their website for calendar details.

A Shop Called Quest in the Arts District
Photo: A Shop Called Quest, Facebook

A Shop Called Quest

Comic book lovers should head immediately to A Shop Called Quest at One Santa Fe. This is not your ordinary comic book store. With a name derived from the band A Tribe Called Quest, this graphic hot spot fuses comic books with art and music to create a hub that feels very much like a club house when you walk inside. They collaborate with local artists on pop up shops. They bring in DJs. They even collaborated with the G.I. Folks for a line of pins and patches called Cobra x ASCQ. Moreover, their comic book selection is top notch, particularly if you're into indie and artist-driven works.