Museum of Illusions - Try your imagination!

Ride abroad Titanic, be a part of a BIG sandwich or hide from meteors!

A visitor to the Museum of Illusions is not a passive observer but a full-fledged participant of the paintings created by the best artists. This is a place where photography is not just encouraged – it is part and parcel of the exhibition. The museum of optical illusions is intended to fill visitors’ photo albums with vivid and unusual photographs. Everyone finds something to their liking here because we tried to cover every topic of interest for the humankind. The Museum of optical illusions opens its doors for the viewers of all ages, without restrictions, and guarantees – no one will feel bored!

30+ Artworks, Photography encouraged.

Tickets may be purchased at the door for $25 depending on availability.
FREE admission for children 5 years old and younger. Strollers permitted.
$10 for Children's tickets (6-12 years old)
Military/Student/Senior/Group discounts

No food, drinks, dogs, rollerblades, skateboards, or aliens allowed.

VIP tickets include personal photo shooting & a special gift.
Expect to spend an hour at the museum.

10AM - 12AM daily. Last Entry 11PM.


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Museum of Illusions comes Instagram ready with completely new exhibits that will take your breath away, transporting you to a world of fantasy and imagination! Go on an African Safari and get up close to the elephants, take center stage in front of a massive crowd of adoring fans, walk the edge of a skyscraper in a daring escape attempt, and more! And of course, try cooking or relaxing in our Upside Down House! Flash photography is not just allowed, it is encouraged.

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No food, drinks, dogs, rollerblades, or skateboards allowed

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Please use the Promo Code ' DISCOVERLA' for 15% OFF All Access tickets at checkout at

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