Get Your Game On at Two Bit Circus in Downtown LA

Experience the world's First Micro-Amusement Park

Two Bit Circus Quadair Multiplayer Air Hockey
Quadair Multiplayer Air Hockey at Two Bit Circus | Photo: Two Bit Circus, Facebook

Located in the Downtown LA Arts District, the spectacular Two Bit Circus offers a new kind of social playspace: the "World’s First Micro-Amusement Park." Spanning 38,000 square feet, Two Bit Circus features numerous game zones, from classic coin-ops to the latest in immersive entertainment and multi-person virtual reality.

“Some of the fondest memories of my youth took place at the Sherman Oaks Galleria arcade where my friends and I would get together after school,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti at the grand opening in 2018. “Two Bit Circus will open the doors for today's young Angelenos to create lasting memories of their own -- and glimpse the future of our city in the process."

With so much going on, it will take more than one visit - and probably several - to experience everything. To help you plan your visit, step right up and explore the guide to Two Bit Circus!

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The Raft at Two Bit Circus | Instagram by @hello_malika

Story Rooms

Similar to an Escape Room, the Two Bit Circus Story Rooms are immersive solo and group adventures for up to 6 players.

Suit up, Cadets! Space Squad is calling for new recruits to help safeguard a delicate peace in the galaxy. We need daring, cunning, steely-eyed heroes - but in the meantime, you’re all we’ve got. Space Squad is a team-based adventure for 4 to 6 players. You and your friends have just 25 minutes to complete your mission. Work together to solve action-packed challenges on the life-sized bridge of a Space Squad starship.

  • 4-6 players
  • Time: 25 min.

In this heart-pounding narrative adventure, explorers of The Lost City have just under one hour to find the ruins of a secret temple and discover long lost treasure – or risk being trapped forever!

  • 4-6 Players
  • Time: 45 min.

Have you ever thought surgery would be a great weekend hobby but you don’t want to spend years in medical school? Well good news! The esteemed and dubiously legit Dr. Botcher has a solution for you! Dr. Botcher’s Minute Medical School is a wacky, frenetic mess of a time where you’ll prod, poke, and slice your way to a promising new career as a freelance surgeon.

  • 3-6 players

Escape from the Werewolf Village
is a puzzle-solving, mind-boggling adventure you’ll never forget. You've lost your way and wandered into a village where werewolves attack people every night. As the villagers disappear one by one, you can feel the fangs of the werewolves getting closer and closer to you. Can you reveal all the mysteries in time and escape the Werewolf Village?

  • Time: 1 hour (Sundays only)

In this thrilling, cooperative, multiplayer VR experience, you and your friends will board The Raft and defend the swamp against an infestation of supernatural creeps. Venture deep into the heart of the swamp, select weapons, and employ tactics to combat your other-worldly adversaries. With enemies emerging from the shoreline, the water, and the sky, it’ll take all four players to make it through the swamp safely.

  • 1-4 players
  • Time: 15 min.
Last Ball Standing at Two Bit Circus
Last Ball Standing on the Midway | Photo: Two Bit Circus, Facebook

The Midway

The Midway is a shore-front boardwalk with a high-tech twist. Get your whole body into the action with high-tech updates to Midway-style games. Pop balloons, race trains, and even demolish a building or two!

Quadair Multiplayer Air Hockey at Two Bit Circus in Downtown LA
Quadair Multiplayer Air Hockey | Photo: Two Bit Circus, Facebook

The Arcade

Classic favorites get mixed with modern tech at The Arcade. Play Two Bit exclusives like Danger Danger, Hexacade, and Super Thunder Bloxx. Wonder what those are? Come in to find out!

Hologate VR at Two Bit Circus in Downtown LA
Hologate in The Arena | Photo: Two Bit Circus, Facebook

The Arena

Strap on a VR headset and enter The Arena! Roll up your sleeves and step into your own virtual universe, or gear up with friends in one of several multiplayer experiences.

Take your friends on an exhilarating adventure and experience the fascinating world of Hologate together. Fight robots, dragons and zombies, throw a virtual snowball, or bond together and try to escape a sinking submarine. Step inside this high-end system and you'll forget about pixels and technology as soon as you put on the headset. The intense graphics on the 90fps headset make every motion feel real - no lagging, no buffering, and no motion sickness.

  • 2-4 players
  • 10 min.


Ready to battle a horde of dangerous robot drones in VR? Star Defence is an immersive, haptic sensory-enhanced, action-packed two-person space adventure game from WePlayVR.

Ping! is a highly competitive, wireless VR version of an arcade classic. Using physical movement, players immerse themselves in some serious retro fun.

  • 2 players
  • 3-5 minutes
VR flight with Birdly at Two Bit Circus in Downtown LA
You can fly with Birdly | Photo: Two Bit Circus, Facebook
VR flight with dinosaurs at Two Bit Circus in Downtown LA
Fly back in time with Birdly | Photo: Two Bit Circus, Facebook

Live the ultimate dream of flying with Birdly, the full-body first-person immersive VR experience.

Battlezone VR at Two Bit Circus in Downtown LA
Battlezone VR in The Arena | Photo: Two Bit Circus, Facebook

Experience first-person VR tank combat across neon-scarred sci-fi landscapes in Battlezone. Planet Earth, date unknown. Mankind teeters on the brink of extinction, enslaved by The Corporation. Humanity must retaliate with its most advanced weapon: YOU.

  • 1-4 players

Step into a single-player VR station and enter the immersive world of your choosing. Create, explore, interact or compete. The possibilities are endless!

  • 1 player
  • 10 minutes
Cabana VR at Two Bit Circus in Downtown LA
Cabana VR  | Photo: Two Bit Circus, Facebook


Cabanas are private gaming lounges for up to six people. Each one is outfitted with the latest in VR and gaming tech, plenty of room to lean in and play hard, and lots of cozy couch space to kick back and relax.

  • 3-6 players
  • 90 minutes
Club01 trivia game at Two Bit Circus
Trivia game at Club01 | Photo: Two Bit Circus, Facebook


Step backstage to Club01, a laughter-powered, tech-enhanced, interactive stage where you don't just see the show - you ARE the show.

The Artsy Fartsy Game! is a hilarious concert-gameshow mashup that includes live musical performances. Create, interpret, and improvise based on artsy-fartsy games created by our resident artists. You’re sure to be the toast of the art world!

  • 80-100 players
  • 60 minutes

The show inside the ring is only half the story. Find out what went wrong Under the Big Top the night of the flood in this interactive performance from The Speakeasy Society. Audiences of one or two will peek behind the curtain and interact with 1928 circus performers tied to a disastrous event that occurred on the site of what is now Two Bit Circus.

  • Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays

Step right into Two Bit’s wild spin on the typical game show. It’s like the Thunderdome of Trivia. Many teams enter, one team leaves… Ok, everyone gets to leave, but only one team leaves as champions! This 60-minute show features real-time scoring, letting you know where you stand. As you accumulate points, climb the Big Board and vanquish 90 of your closest frenemies in the live studio audience.

Join Sister Suxxxie for late night trivia at its finest. Sister Suxxxie is the perfect blend of 80s throwback, adult comedy and game show trivia.

NOTE: This show contains strong language, sexual themes, nudity, and is strictly for adults 21 and over. IDs will be checked at the door.

Big Top Bar at Two Bit Circus in Downtown LA
Big Top Bar | Photo: Two Bit Circus, Facebook

Food & Drink

To quench your thirst, there's a robotic bartender named Gearmo del Pouro, or you can belly up to the Big Top Bar, which is designed to look like an inverted circus tent. Stop by the Boxcar Cafe for reimagined carny fare with modern twists and vegan alternatives to circus treats.

Playing Cards at Two Bit Circus
Playing Cards | Photo courtesy of Two Bit Circus, Facebook


$35 gets you in to Two Bit Circus and can be applied towards any of the experiences, and you can reload as needed. Stop by the Main Desk and buy a Playing Card. It loads/reloads like a stored value card and is used at all of the Arcade and Midway games. Bigger shows and attractions can be paid with your Playing Card or with cash/credit. Reservations for popular attractions can be made online at the Two Bit Circus website.

Two Bit Circus is all ages except after 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays, when it's 18 and over.


Two Bit Circus
634 Mateo St., Los Angeles 90021