Break Out of the Best Escape Rooms in Los Angeles

"Zombie" (Room 1986) at Escape Hotel Hollywood
"Zombie" (Room 1986) | Photo: Escape Hotel Hollywood

There’s something eerily satisfying about ransacking a room for clues, solving puzzles, deciphering keys, and working as a team to achieve an ultimate goal. To provide groups of beginners and sleuths alike hours of entertainment, escape room destinations have become more creative, tech-forward and sophisticated than ever.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best escape rooms available in Los Angeles. The themes run the gamut - from horror to mystery, bank heists to virtual reality. No matter what the theme, you’ll need to bring your best teamwork sleuthing skills to get you and your group out of the room!

The Escape Game LA

Located on the second floor of Westfield Century City, The Escape Game LA is a highly immersive, multi-room set where you'll have 60 minutes to crack codes, uncover clues and solve puzzles before time runs out.

Test your skills in these themed rooms:

  • The Depths (7/10 difficulty)
  • The Heist (8/10)
  • Special Ops: Mysterious Market (8/10)
  • Prison Break (9/10)

The games are collaborative, tactile, story-driven, and about more than just escaping - they are adventures. You might escape. You WILL have fun!

"Dracula" at 60out Escape Rooms
"Dracula" | Photo: 60out Escape Rooms

60out Escape Rooms

Spanning seven locations across LA, 60out Escape Rooms is notable for not featuring the same room at any two locations. Opened in summer 2023, 60out's flagship location at HHLA (formerly Promenade at Howard Hughes Center), features five all-new or redesigned escape rooms and a new VR room: "The Smurfs," "Hotel Road 66," "Casino Heist II," "Arizona Sunshine" and "After the Fall."

Themes include Horror ("Dracula" and "Ghost Ship" at Melrose, "The Orphanage" and "Doctor Psycho" at Hollywood, "Amityville" at Silver Lake) and Family ("Jumanji" and "Alice in Wonderland" at Melrose, "Nautilus" and "Time Machine" at Koreatown). For Experts, there's "Grandma's Masterplan" (75-minute room) at Melrose, and "Red Alert" and "Da Vinci's Secret" in Hollywood. Fans have noted that the sets are fun and creative, with unusual moving parts and not your usual lock-combo decoding tasks.

The Basement

Head to Sylmar in the San Fernando Valley and enter The Basement, where you and your friends have been kidnapped by Edward Tandy - a cannibalistic serial killer with a hunger for taxidermy, strange mechanisms, and of course human flesh. Tandy has created a twisted game in his deceased mother's home, designed to weed out those who are unworthy of escaping with their lives.

The Basement offers four 45-minute experiences:

  • The Basement - A non-linear escape game with a funnel-like solve process.
  • The Elevator Shaft - A linear escape game with mostly tactile puzzles.
  • The Study - A linear escape game with tactile and logic puzzles.
  • The Courtyard - A non-linear escape game with heavy story elements.

Available at 10am on Monday-Friday only, Dead & Breakfast features all four games back-to-back in a private VIP setting. There's no time limit during Dead & Breakfast - you and your team will play until you complete each experience. Enjoy refreshments and snacks during your downtime. You can even bring in your own food at no additional cost.

"Zombie" (Room 1986) at Escape Hotel Hollywood
"Zombie" (Room 1986) | Photo: Escape Hotel Hollywood
Room Number 13 at Escape Hotel Hollywood
Room Number 13 | Photo: Escape Hotel Hollywood

Escape Hotel Hollywood

Self-described as "the world’s largest haunted escape room attraction," Escape Hotel Hollywood features a different escape game in every room, such as "Haunted Fair" in Room 1931, "Zombie" (Room 1986) and "Cursed Crypt" (Room 2016 ½) - the hotel's largest and most adventurous game.

The hotel's speakeasy, Room Number 13 hosts shows and theme nights:

  • Sinatra Thursdays
  • Magic in the Night - live jazz, swing and close-up magic at the tables
  • Latin American Nights - vintage dinner show (dress in Old Havana or Roaring 20s style and get a free round of house shots!)
A successful "Vegas Heist" at Exit Artists in Burbank
A successful "Vegas Heist" at Exit Artists | Photo: @lnmuir, Instagram

Exit Artists

Located in Burbank, Exit Artists invites you to roll the dice and take on the challenge of the Vegas Heist. Inside the largest casino in Las Vegas, you and your team of professional card counters are on your way to a big score - until your main spotters are captured by casino security. For the first time in Las Vegas history, the casino is now under lockdown and security has been given 90 minutes to capture the rest of your team.

Rated "Hard," the 90-minute Vegas Heist is available to groups of 4-8 participants. The Escape Rate is 12% and the best time is currently 74:29 minutes. Can you beat the system, or will the system beat you?

Hatch Escapes
Photo: Hatch Escapes

Hatch Escapes: Lab Rat

Named "Best Escape Room in LA" by Los Angeles Magazine, Hatch Escapes Lab Rat takes place in a laboratory where giant rats are doing experiments on human beings. Ratkenstein, an unhinged doctoral student in the field of human intelligence, has tasked your group with completing a series of tests and puzzles. If you succeed, he can finally write his dissertation. If you fail, he’s going to put you and your friends in the old test-subject chipper. You’ll have one hour to complete the tests and attempt to get out of the laboratory for good, before Ratkenstein turns you into mulch!

Lab Rat is designed for all ages and experience levels. Games are always private, so you'll never play with strangers.

Steampunk Alice at Maze Rooms
Steampunk Alice | Photo: Maze Rooms
The Abyss at Maze Rooms Vermont Avenue
The Abyss | Photo: Maze Rooms

Maze Rooms

The multi-location Maze Rooms has something - and all challenge levels - for everyone, including a Virtual Reality option that's set in the cosmos. Maze Rooms attracts fanatics for return visits with two dozen escape rooms, including their newest: "Steampunk Alice," "Something's Out There," "Avalanche," "Area 51," "Men In Suits," "Sherlock Holmes & Beautiful Mind," "Cyberpunk Samurai," "Spy Dogs," "Whatever Happened to the Garretts" and "Tombstone."

"Space Squad in Space" at Two Bit Circus
"Space Squad in Space" at Two Bit Circus | Photo: Lucas Laboratories

Two Bit Circus

Located in the Downtown LA Arts District, the spectacular Two Bit Circus is touted as a new kind of social playspace: the "World’s First Micro-Amusement Park." The 38,000 square-foot Two Bit Circus features numerous game zones, from classic coin-ops to the latest in immersive entertainment and multi-person virtual reality.

Story Rooms at Two Bit Circus offer a fresh take on the escape room concept, with themes like "Dr. Botcher's Minute Medical School," "Samuel Sweetbottom's Candy Chaos," "Space Squad in Space," The Maze" and "The Raft," a VR-based adventure.