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Universal Studios HollywoodSM
Elevate teambuilding activities to new heights with an unforgettable, only-in-L.A. experience at Universal Studios HollywoodSM. The new creative Rock Star program takes groups on stage, and behind the microphone, to produce their very own music videos at a real working studio. Here are the details: groups are divided into teams and are randomly provided a well-known song. The teams are then tasked with writing their own lyrics to each song based on specific (and relevant) parameters; such as a company’s theme, employee names, key phrases or specific words. From there, the teams will rehearse and record their rendition in a recording station. But what musical hit is complete without a music video? Each team is given a call time to record a concert video while lip-synching to their song. Wigs, costumes, musical instruments (real or inflatable) are all provided while a pro videographer captures the group rocking out.  Videos are then professionally edited for the next day – groups can create a viewing party or award show event, with optional MCs or “celebrity judges” (impersonators/comedians) to take the experience full circle. For more information, click here.

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Air Hollywood
Relive history and the magic of flying onboard a luxurious Pan Am 747 with the Pan Am Experience only at Air Hollywood. A unique experience for groups, the Pan Am Experience begins at Air Hollywood’s First & Clipper class check-in desk where a Pan Am customer service agent provides each passenger with a 70’s style boarding pass, ticket jacket and first class carry-on tags. After mingling at the Clipper bar, board “Clipper Juan T. Trippe,” a dedication to the pioneering airline’s first Boeing 747 and spring back to the groovy 1970s. Each cabin’s interiors have been uniquely restored to Pan Am’s original cabin décor and branding elements.

Next, take a seat in plush Sleeperettes for a truly memorable dining event.  It’s all in the details as exquisite service, menu offerings, china and glassware deliver the authentic era of Pan Am. Enjoy a delectable, gourmet four-course meal with appetizers like shrimp cocktail or tomato and mozzarella drizzled with a pesto glaze. For the main course, a choice of Chateaubriand carved from the trolley, or Roasted Chicken with Peppercorn sauce is offered alongside garden fresh vegetables and roasted potatoes.  Final touches include a fine selection of fruit, cheese & biscuits accompanied by port wine, and a dessert cart with a large selection of aperitifs.
After dinner, sit back and relax with a cocktail while enjoying period-specific video selections.  At the end of the “flight,” tour film sets at Air Hollywood including the original cockpit from cult classic Airplane! as well as sets and props used in major movies such as The Wolf of Wall Street, and the hit television show Lost. For more information, visit Air Hollywood

23rd Street

This station is located on the east side of Flower Street, adjacent to the 110 Freeway, just south of 23rd Street. This station serves the North University Park neighborhood to the south of Downtown L.A. It’s within walking distance of two colleges - L.A. Trade Tech College and Mount St. Mary's College - as well as Los Angeles Orthopedic Hospital and St. John's Episcopal Cathedral. The station's art was created by artist Christofer C. Dierdorff. Entitled The Intimacy of Place, the installation features photographs of the fronts and backs of heads, creating a “sea of faces” that depicts a broad cultural mix of individuals who define life in and around the 23rd Street Station.