News & Notes - February 2015

@discoverLA Makes Top 10 Travel Destinations on Social Media

The list of top destinations on social media for December 2014 was revealed last week by, the largest industry intelligence and marketing platform in travel. Los Angeles Tourism climbed to the top 10 list for overall social media performance as calculated by the Skift team, which uses massive amounts of raw data collected from the four major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Los Angeles Tourism joins an impressive list comprised of only one other U.S. city (Philadelphia), three U.S. states (Florida, Colorado and Georgia) as well as the countries of Australia and Argentina. Our fantastic Digital Marketing team continues to be at the forefront of these important mediums as Discover Los Angeles has the most Instagram followers among U.S. cities and was the first U.S. city tourism board to exceed 1 million Facebook likes in 2012. To read the entire list of top destinations on social media click here.

Property of Discover Los Angeles

dineL.A.'s Restaurant Week Closes Out with over $760K in Media Value

With dineL.A.’s Restaurant Week having just wrapped up, the dineL.A. team is happy to report another successful winter event. dineL.A.’s Restaurant Week, which ran Jan. 19 – Feb. 1 boasted 375 participating restaurants, once again making it the largest restaurant week in the nation. Multiple restaurants reported record-breaking dining attendance during Restaurant Week’s first weekend. Earned media for the event generated nearly $760K in media value, with a reach of more than 80 million including articles published in LA Weekly, LA Times and Eater LA as well as broadcast coverage on KABC-TV 7 (ABC Los Angeles), KCBS-TV 2 (CBS Los Angeles) and KIIS FM’s “On Air with Ryan Seacrest.”

L.A. in the News

The LA Tourism PR Team has been working hard to keep L.A. and its members and partners in the news and on the minds of travelers around the globe. The PR Team has been rolling out coordinated media efforts, pitching and securing stories about L.A. and our members to top-tier consumer and travel trade publications in the U.S. and abroad. Here is a sampling of recent high-profile media coverage.

Delta Sky magazine - 1 City 5 Ways
February 2015


To see the full article click here.


Delta Sky magazine - Hidden LA
February 2015

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To see the full article click here.


Couch magazine (Germany) Los Angeles, Sun & Fun For Everyone
January 2015

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To see the full article click here.


Brigitte magazine (Germany) - Reise Los Angeles
March 2015

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To see the full article click here.


There couldn’t be a better time for L.A. Tourism members to post special offers on as L.A. Tourism is experiencing tremendous growth for its website. Research studies indicate travelers base much of their decision-making on the best deals and discounts available. If you are interested in posting a special offer, you can do so by accessing the member extranet via the re-launched portal. Click on the tab “web” and then “coupons” to enter special offer information. Special offers can be posted to target specific audiences such as travel trade professionals, meetings & conventions, and consumers. Please note offers geared toward travel trade professionals and meetings & conventions should have at least a 12-month cycle as they will also be made available to tour operators, as well as citywide and convention groups arriving to Los Angeles for as long as one year out.


L.A. Tourism is excited to announce the launch of digital advertising opportunities on  With more than 10-million visitors to the site annually and a robust social media following, this is a great opportunity to reach an engaged, targeted audience in a new way. As a member of L.A. Tourism, you will receive discounted rates on digital advertising. For more information, please contact Nikki McHale at

Member Tips

Be sure to keep your listings up-to-date by logging in to the extranet frequently. Here, you can upload new photos, change your description and more! For questions on how to log in to the extranet, contact the Membership Team at