LATCB at Work - February 2015


Mary Kay is returning to Los Angeles in 2016 for their annual leadership conference. To celebrate and pre-promote their event, LATCB created a custom L.A.-themed photo backdrop with Mary Kay’s 2016 dates. This was a popular, engaging moment among the 10,000 attendees, as they captured fun selfies and group photos and shared them across social media. Promotional videos were also taken in front of the backdrop to motivate and rally their colleagues to attend next year’s event. The backdrop will travel to various Mary Kay events throughout the year to gather more momentum and shareable social media moments. 7,500 LATCB calendars were also distributed at the event to promote Los Angeles.

International Travel Trade FAMS, Trade Shows & Events

American Airlines / JAL Shanghai FAM

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In partnership with American Airlines, L.A. Tourism hosted a group of eleven luxury agency owners and product managers from Shanghai, China January 13-16 for an educational trip of Los Angeles. Their itinerary highlighted LAX as a gateway to the destination, as well as new Los Angeles product offerings for their clients.

NTA 2015 Travel Exchange
L.A. Tourism attended the 2015 NTA Travel Exchange in New Orleans in January, a year after hosting the 2014 conference. L.A. Tourism conducted more than 45 one-on-one business meetings with domestic and international tour operators to discuss “what’s new” in Los Angeles to highlight hotel product, L.A. Tourism members and partners, offer sample L.A. itineraries and help assist with RFPs for upcoming tours groups.

Visit California / Delta Airlines FAM

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In partnership with Delta Airlines and Visit California, L.A. Tourism hosted a group of top Japanese leisure and corporate travel agents January 25-28 to promote LAX as the premier gateway for international clientele. Their itinerary highlighted the newly renovated Terminal 5 and showcased Los Angeles’ cultural attractions.


Property of Discover Los Angeles
"Rainbow Color Jean" from Japan interviews LATCB's Stacey Sun on L.A.'s shopping and dining offerings.



Michelle Rodriguez, Director of Publicity, traveled to New York, Jan. 19 – 23 to meet with various media outlets to discuss potential L.A. story angles. A few publications of note were Conde Nast Traveler, Food & Wine, Town & Country, and United Airlines new premium magazine Rhapsody.


Riva PR, L.A. Tourism’s public relations agency in the U.K., attended a Brand USA event at Hard Rock Café in London in January which included representatives from Brand USA, individual tourist boards, travel companies and various media outlets. Riva met with key LATCB partners and arranged follow-up meetings with Universal, Black Diamond, Virgin Atlantic and a selection of travel media.

"Rainbow Color Jean" (Japan)
The L.A. Tourism PR team hosted Kansai TV’S Saturday morning variety show “Rainbow Color Jean” in January. Broadcasted nationwide in Japan, the show features host Miss Jean, as she travels the world exploring different destinations. The broadcast program showcased L.A.’s great shopping, dining and attractions as well as an interview with LATCB’s very own Stacey Sun highlighting L.A.’s shopping and dining offerings.
Luke Slattery/Fairfax Traveller
L.A. Tourism hosted Luke Slattery, a journalist from Fairfax Traveller, Australia’s premier travel section, with more than 2.5 million print and online circulation combined. The article will highlight the city’s arts and culture scene including The Getty Center, Getty Villa, LACMA and MOCA and a number of various dining experience throughout L.A.
Nick Boulos/Telegraph/Express
Nick Boulos of two large U.K. publications, Telegraph and Express, visited L.A. to gather content that focused on different aspects of Hollywood. The L.A. Tourism team hosted Nick at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel during his visit and provided information to shape his features.