L.A. Tourism at Work - May 2016


Arabian Travel Market
L.A. Tourism, in partnership with Visit California, exhibited at Arabian Travel Market, the leading global travel trade event for the Middle East region, April 23-26, 2016. At the event, L.A. Tourism announced representation by Four Communications with offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. L.A. Tourism President & CEO Ernest Wooden Jr. met with several leading travel trade and local media during ATM.
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As the Middle East has been a high-growth region for service to LAX, this show provided L.A. Tourism with the opportunity to meet face-to-face with executives of the key major airlines from the Gulf region including Emirates, Qatar and Ethiad. L.A. Tourism’s presence provided a deeper understanding of the overall market, highlighted by the Gulf’s affinity for luxury.

Visit CA / Air Tahiti Nui FAM 
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L.A. Tourism, in partnership with Visit CA and Air Tahiti, hosted a VIP FAM for a group of senior tour operator executives including the CEO of Air Tahiti Nui April 3-5, 2016. The educational itinerary showcased unique luxury experiences including a private tour at Warner Bros. Studios with lunch at their fine dining restaurant, Commissary. Accommodations were provided by The London West Hollywood.

L.A. Tourism in India
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L.A. Tourism President & CEO Ernest Wooden Jr. and other officials traveled to New Delhi and Mumbai in India April 20-23, 2016 as part of tourism delegation to grow leisure and MICE segments through India’s travel trade as well as gain a deeper understanding of the Indian visitor profile and the market’s overall outlook. Officials conducted meetings with several select media, travel trade and various airline partners such as Air India. L.A. Tourism recently established presence in this key region with representation by Sartha Global Marketing. Last year, Los Angeles welcomed more than 105,000 Indian travelers, a year-over-year growth of 14.4%.

Brand USA – H.I.S. Japan FAM
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L.A. Tourism, in partnership with Brand USA and Delta, hosted seven top achievers from H.I.S. Japan April 13-16, 2016. Their educational itinerary showcased only-in-L.A. experiences including Universal Studios Hollywood, The Getty Center, The Original Farmer’s Market, The Grove, GRAMMY Museum, Grand Central Market and shopping partners.  Accommodations were provided by Hilton Universal and J.W. Marriott L.A. LIVE.

TUI Quiz Night
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L.A. Tourism’s Europe office, in partnership with Santa Monica Travel & Tourism and Universal Studios Hollywood, hosted a quiz event on April 12, 2016 at Gatwick Manor for agents of TUI Group, a leading tour operator agency, to further educate them about the destination. The agents were treated to the musical sounds of Los Angeles along with a series of training presentations about L.A, Santa Monica, and Universal Studios Hollywood. After the presentation, the agents competed in teams during a special quiz, where the winning team won destination-inspired prizes. 

Hainan Airlines FAM
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L.A. Tourism, in partnership with Hainan Airlines, hosted a FAM group of travel trade agents April 21-25, 2016. The group’s educational itinerary included experiences at Petersen Automotive Museum, Santa Monica Place, Harbor Breeze Cruises, Citadel Outlets, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Dolby Theatre, among others. L.A. Tourism representatives shared updates on LAWA, member attractions as well as the organization’s work in China. Accommodations were provided by Westin Bonaventure. Hainan Airlines launched the Changsha (CSX) to Los Angeles (LAX) direct flight on Jan 21, 2016 with two weekly flights.

Travel Professionals of Color FAM
L.A. Tourism representatives Tamy Martelli (International) and Cory Abke (Sales) co-hosted a FAM group from Travel Professionals of Color (TPOC) on April 22, 2016. TPOC is an association whose efforts are to bring awareness to multi-cultural tourism, promote/develop minority travel agents that bring excellence to their profession as well as partner with DMOs interested in generating more business from affinity markets. 40 TPOC members experienced tours of The Original Farmer’s Market and The California African American Museum during their one-day visit.

TUI Germany FAM
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L.A. Tourism hosted TUI Germany’s Senior Product Manager West Coast Claudia Ehlen and 15 senior travel agents/owners/supervisors of German travel agencies for a group FAM April 27-29, 2016. During their two-day visit to Los Angeles, the group’s educational itinerary included experiences at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, exploring the area with the Hollywood Explorer Pass, a Starline Tour of movie star homes as well as tours of Loews Hollywood, among others. The second day of the trip was hosted by partner Santa Monica Travel & Tourism and included tours of Santa Monica’s hotel partners, a Ferris wheel ride at the Santa Monica Pier, Legends Bike Tour and dinner at Rusty’s Surf Ranch on the Pier.

L.A. Tourism – China
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L.A. Tourism’s China office joined Visit California’s China Sales & Media Mission in Shanghai and Beijing April 10-15, 2016. Representatives conducted 88 one-on-one meetings with Chinese outbound wholesalers, operators, OTAs and MICE planners during the mission. Presentations shared included updates on LAX and the destination’s new attractions including the Petersen Automotive Museum, The Broad, The Bloc and “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.” Information on China’s route development to L.A., the China Ready Program and L.A. Angel Academy was also shared.  
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L.A. Tourism’s China Regional Director Kate Chang attended the Brand USA Roadshow in Chengdu & Chongqing April 6-8, 2016. More than 120 representatives of key outbound travel agencies from each region joined the two training sessions. During the training, Kate presented information about direct air services between cities in China and LAX, LAX's latest happenings & L.A.’s new attractions to the trade partners. In addition, L.A. Tourism’s marketing collateral was distributed to the attendees.
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L.A. Tourism’s China Office joined the Visit USA Roadshow in Xi'an on April 13, 2016 and conducted one-on-one meetings with more than 20 travel trade operators. Representative Selin Lin presented information about L.A.’s new air services, LAX updates, new attractions and MICE resources to key trade clients from the Xi'an market. United Airlines will operate a new seasonal direct flight from Xi'an to San Francisco May 10 – Oct. 29, 2016, three times a week. Local travel agencies will promote the U.S. West Coast tour package during this season.
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L.A. Tourism’s China office, in partnership with China Eastern Airlines, exhibited at the CMT China Travel Show April 21-24, 2016 in Nanjing. L.A.’s Shanghai representative conducted 20 one-on-one appointments with the travel operators from Nanjing and its neighboring areas. More than 500 L.A. official visitor guides and maps were distributed throughout the show. China Eastern commended direct air service from Nanjing to LAX on June 30, 2015 with three weekly flights.
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L.A. Tourism’s Shanghai Office joined Brand USA’s in-house training at Ctrip in Nantong on April 21, 2016. Representatives promoted direct air services between China and LAX and shared updates on L.A.’s new products, attractions and members to 60 Ctrip agents. 


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L.A. Tourism hosted its third annual  “meetL.A. EXCHANGE,” a reverse tradeshow for L.A. Tourism's hotel partners, at The Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel on April 13, 2016. This event offered hotel partners the unique opportunity to schedule appointments with L.A. Tourism domestic and international sales directors to discuss markets, provide updates about their properties and exchange ideas during one-on-one appointments.

New this year, L.A. Tourism provided the opportunity to engage with the group MICE-focused international sales team during appointments. Members were also able to take part in a marketplace workshop and recieved updates from Cvent, LinkedIn and L.A. Tourism's Digital Marketing and Extranet teams. 105 attendees participated in the 2016 MeetL.A. Exchange, 62 of which were hotel partners.
IMEX Frankfurt
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L.A. Tourism’s Sales team exhibited at IMEX Frankfurt, the international MICE tradeshow in Germany April 19-21, 2016. L.A. Tourism representatives conducted more than 55 scheduled appointments with hosted buyers as well as networked with hundreds at the Los Angeles booth. Partners that participated at the booth include Hilton Los Angeles Airport, The Line, Loews Hollywood and InterContinental Los Angeles Century City.

U.K. Sales Mission
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L.A. Tourism representative Mary Spellerberg joined Lisa Steward for L.A. Tourism’s first UK MICE sales mission April 24-27, 2016 where they met with agents from more than 10 of the top U.K. agencies including Top Banana, CIEvents, Ashfield Meeting & Events, among others. They also attended two industry events – Site GB and the C&IT A-list – and networked with more than 50 peers.

American Bar Association
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L.A. Tourism hosted a group of meeting & event professionals from the American Bar Association in Los Angeles for a meetL.A. Experience April 25-29, 2016. The FAM focused on showcasing more than 18 member partners for meetings and events, and hotels throughout the regions of Los Angeles including the Valley, Beach Cities/LAX, Westside, Hollywood, and Downtown. Accommodations were provided by Loews Hollywood Hotel, JW Marriott Hotel Los Angeles L.A. LIVE and Terranea Resort.


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‘Get Lost in L.A.’ Media FAM
In support of L.A. Tourism’s new ‘Get Lost In L.A.’ campaign, Public Relations hosted a FAM group of traditional media and social influencers April 25-29, 2016. During their trip to Los Angeles, the group experienced campaign elements brought to life along with other themed experiences that are uniquely L.A. including Grand Central Market, Skyspace LA, The Broad, Venice Beach, Malibu Wine Safari, Anthelion Helicopters, among others. Media outlets represented on the trip included Town & Country, Washington Post, Huffington Post, New York Post, DailyMeal.com and Elite Daily.

Pop-up Concert with Børns
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As featured in Discover L.A.’s new ‘Get Lost In L.A.’ campaign video, music artist Børns performed a pop-up concert at Geffen Contemporary at MOCA on April 27, 2016. The concert celebrated the launch of ‘Get Lost In L.A.’ as more than 30 media attended the show to learn about the new campaign.

Visiting Journalist Program
Public Relations hosted NYC-based freelance journalist Keith Flanagan, who contributes to a number of publications including Conde Nast Traveler, Dwell, USA Today, Sherman’s Travel and more, March 31-April 4, 2016. Mr. Flanagan’s educational itinerary included experiences at Mama Shelter, Cassell’s Hamburgers, Commissary, biking on The Venice Strand and a coffee tour of the Arts District, among others. Accommodations were provided by W Los Angeles – West Beverly Hills and Hotel Normandie. Coverage of his visit has already appeared in Conde Nast Traveler, Sherman’s Travel and USA Today, with more expected to follow.