L.A. Tourism at Work - August 2015


Delta Air Lines – China FAM
In partnership with Delta Air Lines, L.A. Tourism hosted a familiarization tour July 10-14, 2015 to promote the airline’s new direct air service from Shanghai, China to LAX, which officially launched July 9. The group’s participants included 10 top sales agents as invited by Delta Air Lines including CITS, Qiangsheng Travel, Spring Tour and Jinjiag. The educational itinerary highlighted Los Angeles’ premier tourism experiences such as Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. Universal Studios Hollywood, Harbor Breeze Yacht and Cruises in San Pedro, among others. Accommodations were provided by The Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel and Westin Bonaventure in Downtown Los Angeles.

L.A. Tourism – Asia Pacific
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L.A. Tourism’s Asia Pacific office conducted a series of Los Angeles presentations to tour planners of six major tour operators July 27 – 31, 2015. Up-to-date information on The Bloc, Skyspace LA, Universal Studios Hollywood as well as new/future hotel developments was presented for use in their new tour products.

L.A. Tourism - China
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L.A. Tourism representatives Alexandria Liu and Austin Yin attended a July 10 ribbon cutting event at Shanghai Airport for Delta Air Line’s inaugural flight to LAX. Ms. Liu delivered congratulatory remarks to an audience that included Delta executives, airport management and travel agents.

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As a part of a 2015 GTA Hotel Sales Campaign, L.A. Tourism representative Austin Yin organized a training seminar held at Nanjing Sheraton Hotel, in partnership with GTA Shanghai and China Eastern Airlines (Jiangsu). Attendees consisted of 60 local senior travel practitioners including CITS (Jiangsu), CTS (Nanjing and Anhui) and Tuniu, among others. Mr. Yin’s presentation included L.A.’s hotels, FIT packages, the destination’s world-class attractions as well as updates on LAX.


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L.A. Tourism partnered with Delta Airlines on a China media familiarization trip July 10-15 to introduce the airline’s new air service from Shanghai to Los Angeles as well as showcase the destination. Media oulets included The Bund and FEMINA. Edelman, L.A. Tourism's newly hired China PR Agency, also visited the destination during the trip. The group's education itinerary featured the city's unique cuisine including a visit to Grand Central Market, Yamashiro and the dineL.A. menu at Mud Hen Tavern. Furthermore, they experienced shopping at The Grove and Citadel Outlets and enjoyed a L.A. Dodgers game.