November 2016 TMD Regional Hotel Meetings Recap

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LA Tourism conducted its bi-annual TMD Regional Meetings on November 8 and 9, 2016 with General Managers and Directors of Sales & Marketing from TMD hotels in all five regions of Los Angeles: The San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, The Westside, Downtown L.A. and LAX/Beach Cities.TMD Chairman Javier Cano provided an overview of the TMD financials, Wendy Kheel presented lodging metrics, the Sales team provided an update on sales production as well as an overview of the new Virtual Discovery L.A. platform, with Marketing closing out the meetings with an overview of the FY17 marketing plan and a look at the new events calendar. As a reminder, these meetings are an opportunity to provide feedback and input on what LA Tourism can be doing to improve your business as a TMD hotel. We encourage you to attend these meetings to let your voice be heard.If you would like a copy of your region’s PowerPoint presentation or are interested in hosting a future Regional Meeting, please contact Gina Trechter, TMD Project Manager, at or at (213) 236-2336. The next round of Regional Meetings will take place in June 2017.  The L.A. Tourism team will send a formal invitation in the coming months.