Note from TMD Chairman, Javier Cano

Frieze Los Angeles 2024
As California and L.A. County move forward on the path to recovery, we can all take a moment to appreciate the role and contribution of our hotels through this pandemic as well as the commitment of our TMD Board of Directors. Your TMD Board of Directors has been meeting routinely and working closely with Los Angeles Tourism staff to ensure that the needs of the hospitality community have been understood by local authorities.  While it has been a very long journey, we are finally able to look forward with optimism.There are still unknowns as the County and State fully define the steps forward, but we want to recognize the collaboration of the TMD Board, L.A. County Public Health and the County Resiliency Task Force Subcommittee on Hospitality & Restaurants and the Working Hotel Sub-Committee for their commitment.We are thankful for the foresight of the TMD Board five years ago to establish a Reserve Fund in the event of a catastrophic event, industry or mega event to build demand for our hotels.  No one could have imagined what lay ahead, but it is due to their foresight that the TMD was able to fund the recovery “Start Your Comeback” campaign that recently was launched by Los Angeles Tourism to drive hotel demand through these challenging times.The TMD also recently teamed with the City’s Tourism Department, Los Angeles Tourism and HALA in organizing a Roundtable with Mayor Garcetti and TMD hoteliers, which you can view here. The Mayor expressed his support to include a $5 million grant to Los Angeles Tourism to compliment the TMD funds to expand to national advertising for the “Start Your Comeback” campaign to further drive hotel demand. A big thank you to all for your engagement and support.    Javier