Consumer Journey Video and 2020 Marketing & Planning Resource

Frieze Los Angeles 2024
Consumer Journey VideoTo assist TMD hotels and motels to reassure potential travelers they can feel confident in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Tourism produced a video of the consumer journey to highlight a responsible and safe L.A. travel experience for guests and employees. If you are interested in this special content for your use, please fill out the form at this link and accept the terms & conditions. The link to download the video will expire on June 30, 2021. Please be sure to remove the video from your respective channels on or before the expiration date.2020 Marketing & Planning ResourceAs announced at the TMD Annual Hotel Meeting, the exclusive 2020 Marketing and Planning Resource will help you navigate through these truly uncharted waters, featuring only the most relevant and actionable information to help inform your recovery strategies, marketing and sales efforts, and budget planning. You may access and download the Resource HERE.