Coming in for a Landing at Airtel Plaza Hotel

Photo courtesy of Airtel Plaza Hotel and Conference Center

Van Nuys. Epicenter of the Central San Fernando Valley. And more importantly, birthplace of 90210’s Brian Austin Green. For someone like you, with your fascination for under-the-radar pop culture, all this makes Van Nuys…intriguing.

Of course, there’s only one place to stay for an incognito, private plane-owning superstar like you - the Airtel Plaza Hotel. Built from the ground up in 1983, it’s the only hotel located at Van Nuys Airport, with its own private runway for arriving and departing guests. 

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Gulfstream IV at Van Nuys Airport | Instagram by @vannuysairport

You arrive in style, landing in your Gulfstream IV at VNY. Not every ‘burb gets its own general aviation airport, and this one happens to be pretty sick - the busiest general aviation airport in the world, the 25th busiest airport in the US, and among the 20 busiest airports in the world. Being a celebrity across so many media channels (including Periscope, QVC and the Oprah Winfrey Network) you really enjoy the opportunity to travel without having to hide from the hordes of paparazzi at LAX. Ew.

You check in, ensuring you’ve been signed up for the “breakfast in bed” package. When you look up, you smile - you’ll never tire of seeing that Pan Am plane that’s suspended in mid-air above the lobby. You step into your suite, the Outdoor Terrace Spa Room, 755 square feet of pure delight, featuring a huge private balcony with its own jetted bathtub. You can't wait to guzzle champagne and listen to planes land while taking an actual hot bath under the stars - one of the more unique things you can do while in Van Nuys.

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Photo courtesy of Airtel Plaza Hotel and Conference Center

Today, you’re here for a conference of private aviation enthusiasts—the keynote speaker is Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of heavy metal band Iron Maiden, who’s here to tell everyone about that time he bought the world’s longest airship; a staggering 300 feet long, 113 feet wide and 85 feet, but nonetheless dwarfed by his ego. Before the conference start, there’s just enough time to do a little exploring.

SuihoEn (“Garden of Water and Fragrance”) in Van Nuys
SuihoEn (“Garden of Water and Fragrance”)  |  Photo: Yuri Hasegawa

Van Nuys is conveniently located only half an hour from Malibu, which is great for beach bunnies. Unfortunately your surfboard didn’t fit in your private jet, so you sneak in a quick visit to the gorgeous Japanese Garden at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, six acres of quiet beauty in this most unusual of neighborhoods.

A man in sunglasses wandering around the garden informs you that before it became the iconic suburb it is today, Van Nuys was a huge barley field. You wonder if this is where Sting wrote that song - you know, the one about the barley. Then the stranger tells you that Van Nuys was also home to one of the biggest makers of silent movie organs. And that KISS’s "God Gave Rock and Roll to You" video was filmed at Van Nuys Airport. “Who is this genius?” you wonder. He takes off his glasses, and lo and behold, it’s Bruce Dickinson himself! He recognizes you from YouTube, so you and the heavy metal superstar split an Uber X back to the AirTel, where the aviation conference is about to begin.

There, you and a few hundred aviation enthusiasts listen, rapt, as Bruce discusses the possibilities for pilot-less cargo aircraft in the coming years. This is the kind of talk that really gets your jet propulsion motors running, so afterward, you go back to your suite so you can sit in your outdoor bathtub and think magical thoughts about Bruce while blasting Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast on Spotify. Sipping directly from a bottle of Veuve, up to your ears in a bubble bath, you can hear the sound of jet planes. A perfect night in the Valley to fly.


Airtel Plaza Hotel

7277 Valjean Ave, Van Nuys 91406