A Note from TMD Chairman, Javier Cano

Frieze Los Angeles 2024
Dear TMD Partners,It was terrific seeing so many familiar faces recently at Los Angeles Tourism’s 7th annual Market Outlook Forum.Market Outlook Forum is an added benefit of the TMD partnership with Los Angeles Tourism and I hope you found the program to be informative. If you were unable to attend, we’ve included a link in this newsletter to download the 2019 Marketing & Planning Resource, which will help guide your marketing strategy and budget development for the upcoming year.During our TMD Regional Hotel Meetings this past June, signs of softness within the market was a key topic of discussion.  As a result, we have asked Los Angeles Tourism to develop upcoming regional promotions and continue to monitor factors that may impact our business. Thank you to many of you who contributed valuable feedback and ideas at the Regional Meetings.Remember, this is your Tourism Marketing District and your ideas and feedback are critical to the programming and initiatives put forth to showcase our Los Angeles TMD hotels around the world.Kind Regards,Javier Cano TMD Chairman