A Conversation With Nicole Avant

$25    |  Feb 27, 2024  |  7:30PM - 9:30PM

ALL THOSE IN ATTENDANCE WILL RECEIVE A SIGNED COPY OF "THINK YOU'LL BE HAPPY - MOVING THROUGH GRIEF WITH GRIT, GRACE AND GRATITUDE" The GRAMMY Museum is thrilled to welcome best selling author, award winning film producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ambassador Nicole Avant to the museum's intimate 200-seat Clive Davis Theatre for a conversation moderated by Jimmy Jam about her new memoir “Think You’ll Be Happy-Moving Through Grief with Grit, Grace and Gratitude.“  Nicole is the daughter of entertainment mogul Clarence Avant (also known as The Black Godfather) and philanthropist/activist Jacqueline Avant.   During this intimate conversation, Nicole will share uplifting and inspiring stories and lessons she learned from and experienced with her parents while growing up in the music and entertainment business and how she decided to turn pain into purpose.   About “Think You’ll Be Happy- Moving through Grief with Grit, Grace and Gratitude”: In December of 2021, during a nighttime home invasion robbery at her parents’ home, Nicole’s 81-year-old mother was fatally shot. Though Nicole and her close-knit family were devastated by this senseless loss, Nicole chooses not to be paralyzed by grief, but to be made anew, inspired by the lives of those we’ve sadly lost. Reflecting on the wisdom that her parents shared throughout her life and finding acceptance in life’s many new lessons during her cathartic journey, Nicole inspires readers in this powerful and engaging memoir. Nicole Avant shares an American Dream story – her family’s – offering hope and inspiration for anyone facing some of life’s most difficult moments. Speaking from personal experiences, she shares a historical perspective on how to transform pain and tragedy into purpose and love. She writes: “In the face of terrible things, my mother would have said, ‘Think you’ll be happy,” just as she did to me in her last text. I think I will be happy; I want readers to be happy, and productive, and to live in gratitude for all of the great advantages loaned to us by a loving universe.” And most of all, I want my mother and her story to be remembered, shared, and honored. Jacqueline Avant was a stoic woman who dedicated her life to the service of others and who was a champion for American progress. “My family has been devastated by the loss of my mother,” Nicole writes, “but at every point, I’ve heard her voice echo in my mind: Make some blessings; find golden, not just silver, linings; let the alchemy of love and service and gratitude keep you alive. We have the opportunity to gain energy from our loved ones who have passed, and take that energy and make it into daily, engaged action that helps make the world a better place.” Painful things happen to all of us and I believe that how we respond is always our choice. This includes not only personal grief but also the pain we’ve experienced collectively. I believe that positivity breeds positivity. What kind of harvest do we want for those around us? What kinds of seeds are we planting? Who do we allow to motivate us and inspire us? What motivates our behaviors – is it love? If so, we’re more likely to walk in positivity, joy, and gratitude, knowing that our love is our blessing. ABOUT NICOLE AVANT Nicole Avant is a best-selling author, award winning film producer, entrepreneur and former diplomat. After a career in entertainment, music publishing, and political fundraising, she served as the United States Ambassador to the Bahamas under President Obama from 2009-2011. Avant is the producer of the critically acclaimed and award-winning films “The Black Godfather”and “Trees of Peace” and is currently producing the upcoming film, “Six Triple Eight” directed by Tyler Perry, which celebrates the courage and dedication of the all-female, all-Black Battalion that served in World War II. Her best-selling memoir Think You’ll Be Happy: Moving Through Grief with Grit, Grace and Gratitude has received numerous accolades including being chosen for Audible’s 2023 Best of Biographies and Memoirs list as well as Oprah’s Book Club. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Ted and their two dogs. Member Check - In: 6:30pm Nonmember Check - In / Doors: 7:00pm Show Time: 7:30pm American Express® Card Members can purchase tickets from Thu 1/25 10:30AM through Sat 1/27 11AM.    TICKET POLICY The holder of this ticket is granted admission to the indicated facility for the purpose of viewing the specified event. This ticket is for use by the holder only and the holder is bound by this policy. This ticket is not transferable and may not be sold, otherwise conveyed or used for any other purpose, including promotion or commercial, without the prior written consent of The Recording Academy. 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