Catch Them If You Can: LA's Best Vegan Food Trucks & Pop-Ups

From vegan ice cream to tacos and fried "chick-un"

Vegan Planet Earth ice cream at Van Leeuwen ice cream truck in the Arts District | Photo: @vanleeuwenicecream, Instagram
Vegan Planet Earth ice creme at Van Leeuwen ice cream truck in the Arts District | Photo: @vanleeuwenicecream, Instagram

There’s a food truck for every taste in this city and many - including Downtown Dogs, India Jones Chow Truck, and Green Truck on the Go - have decent plant-based offerings. But there are a handful of businesses offering cuisine specifically for the hungry vegan on-the-go. Earles on Crenshaw currently hosts trucks and some of the plant-based vendors mentioned below for their Meatless Mondays event. Follow your favorites on Instagram for the latest locations and specials.

Nacho Boat by Cena Vegan at Smorgasburg LA
Nacho Boat by Cena Vegan at Smorgasburg LA | Photo: @smorgasburgla, Instagram

Cena Vegan

More of a cart than a truck, Cena Vegan is that food stand often seen hanging in Highland Park on Taco Tuesdays and Friday Fiestas with the line around the corner. Now their authentic flavors can be enjoyed everywhere since their plant-based Carne Asada, Pollo Asada, Barbacoa, and Al Pastor are available wholesale and are debuting in Follow Your Heart and Organix grocery stores. Follow: @cenavegan

Jackfruit Vegan Rib Plate by Compton Vegan
Jackfruit Vegan Rib Plate by Compton Vegan | Photo: @comptonvegan, Instagram

Compton Vegan

Catering, meal delivery, food prep and appearances at food-related events around town—is there anything this start-up can’t do? Offerings from Compton Vegan include jackfruit-based “ribs,” mac-n-cheese like mom used to make, barbecued baked beans, and perfectly-cooked greens, all sopped up by delectable cornbread. Follow: @comptonvegan

Vegan chocolate ice cream from Frozen Fruit Co
Vegan chocolate ice cream from Frozen Fruit Co | Photo: @frozenfruitco, Instagram

Frozen Fruit Co

Look for the beautiful pink flower-covered "Truckie" full of plant-based goodness all around town. Frozen Fruit Co has a store in Santa Monica but also takes its sweetness on the road, sharing simple, fresh ingredients with everyone within trucking distance. Follow: @frozenfruitco

Fried chickun with gluten-free mac & cheese
Fried chickun with gluten-free mac & cheese and corn by Southern Fried Vegan | Photo: @mommyveganlife, Instagram

Southern Fried Vegan

Their fried “chickun,” mac-and-cheese and greens are enjoyed at nearly every veggie-related festival in L.A. and beyond. Keep up with them by checking their Facebook page for upcoming events. Follow: @southernfriedvegan

Vegan Planet Earth ice cream at Van Leeuwen ice cream truck
Vegan Planet Earth ice creme at Van Leeuwen ice cream truck at Arts District | Photo: @vanleeuwenicecream, Instagram

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

Ice cream is food and Van Leeuwen knows this category well. Their cashew and coconut-based treats bode well in the heat, plus where else can you get vegan hot fudge, whipped cream, caramel and waffle cones? Look for the pastel yellow truck in front of The Broad Museum in DTLA and Abbot Kinney in Venice, or running around in between. Follow: @vanleeuwenicecream

Fried Chick’n Sandwich by Word of Mouth Truck
Fried Chick’n Sandwich by Word of Mouth Truck | Photo: @heidieatsalot, Instagram

Word of Mouth

Who doesn’t need a deep-fried Mac-n-Cheese Bite from Word of Mouth after a night of dancing at a club? Hearty Western Cheeseburgers (black-bean-based), Fried Chik’n Sandwich (made of cauliflower) and good old Grilled Cheese sandwiches are sure to please the big eaters, while the lightweights can get the Kale Caeser. Look for the red lips on their wrapped truck all over the Eastside, Tuesday through Saturday. Follow: @wordofmouthtuck

Ridiculous Baking Company at Hollywood Farmers Market
Ridiculous Baking Company at Hollywood Farmers Market | Photo: @rbc_vegan, Instagram

Ridiculous Baking Company

How do you make buttery-tasting croissants without the butter? That is the wizardry of the Ridiculous Baking Company, known also for their light and fluffy "cronuts," a tempeh-and-veggie-filled version of a Hot Pocket, and their hot-selling breakfast sandwich stuffed with fennel-flavored vegan sausage. They bake bread loaves from the finest ingredients, with gluten-free options as well. Find them at the Hollywood and Mar Vista Farmers Markets on Sundays. Follow: @rbc_vegan