The Best Vegan Pizzas in Los Angeles

Plant-based pizzas deliver all of the flavor with none of the meat

Vegan pizzas at The Luggage Room
Vegan pizzas at The Luggage Room

Every season is pizza season, right? Between the abundance of imaginative chefs and beautiful produce available here year-round, there are vegan pizzas aplenty in Los Angeles. Even chains like Lucifer’s, Z Pizza, Blaze, Erewhon and Whole Foods are keeping vegan cheeses on hand for dairy-free customers. Mangia!

Vegan pizzas at The Butcher's Daughter in Venice
Vegan pizzas at The Butcher's Daughter in Venice | Photo: @liam_wearne, Instagram

The Butcher's Daughter - Venice

The New York-grown, plant-based restaurant enjoys an airy home in Venice that's known for its stone oven-cooked pizzas, all of which can be ordered vegan via Daiya cheese. Large portions and ocean breezes make The Butcher's Daughter a cool stop on an Abbot Kinney stroll.

Hot Tongue Pizza

Hot Tongue Pizza

Just the mention of Silver Lake's Hot Tongue makes the mouth water. They've got thin crust, Sicilian-style, and gluten-free Detroit pizzas, plus garlic knots, fresh toppings, home made veggie sausage and kale salad - all 100% made from plants! Gigantic slices and that chewy black sesame crust keeps pizza lovers coming back.

Vegan Mac & Cheese Pizza at Pizzanista! | Instagram: @eatdrinkvegan


Located next to Tony's Saloon in the Downtown LA Arts District, Pizzanista! offers outrageous specials like vegan Macaroni and Cheese slices (Sundays only) and Seitan Meats Jesus pies (heavy on the faux meats) to keep folks stumbling in after a night at the club or for afternoon brunch with adult beverages.

Margherita Pizza at Pura Vita Pizzeria
Margherita Pizza at Pura Vita Pizzeria | Instagram: @puravitapizzeria

Pura Vita Pizzeria

Founded by Chef Tara Punzone, Pura Vita is the first 100% plant-based Italian restaurant and wine bar in the country. Located next door, Pura Vita Pizzeria offers scratch-made Neapolitan style pizzas with locally-sourced organic produce.

Highlights of the plant-based menu include a classic ​​Margherita Pizza with cashew mozzarella, tomato sauce, basil and macadamia parmigiana; and the Americana with BE-Hive "pepperoni," cashew mozzarella, tomato sauce, and green onion. Bianca options include the Black Magic, made with crimini mushrooms, cashew ricotta and mozzarella, black truffle cream sauce, pesto, and micro basil. Be sure to save room for dessert - the raspberry coulis-topped chocolate fudge cake is made for sharing.

Vegan Deep Dish Pizza at Purgatory Pizza
Vegan Deep Dish Pizza at Purgatory Pizza | Instagram: @epivegan

Purgatory Pizza

Known for the best thin crust east of the LA River, Purgatory serves up several vegan pizzas, including Thor's BBQ (house-made bbq sauce, marinated cauliflower, red onion, pineapple), Jersey Devil (house vegan sausage, green bell peppers, red onion, splashed marinara, sesame seeds) and a West Coast Deep Dish with vegan option.. Dine in, pick up, or have it delivered if you’re lucky enough to be within a 5-mile radius.

White Truffle Pizza at SunCafe Organic
White Truffle Pizza at SunCafe Organic | Photo: @chapskeez, Instagram

SunCafe Organic

The chefs here know vegan food and it shows, especially in this Studio City restaurant’s Perfecto Pesto Pizza (walnut pesto, Cremini mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, cashew cheese) and the White Truffle Pizza with spinach, broccolini and mushrooms tossed with white truffle oil, baked over cashew cheese and topped with tomato confit.

Vegan Chorizo Pizza at Triple Beam Pizza in Highland Park
Vegan Chorizo Pizza at Triple Beam Pizza | Instagram: @triplebeampizza

Triple Beam Pizza

You eyeball the size slice you want, they cut it with scissors, you scarf it down. The Roman-style vegan pizzas at Triple Beam in Highland Park are available whole, half or quarter. Options include the Vegan Margherita (house-made vegan mozzarella [contains tree nuts], marinara, marinated tomato, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, maldon salt, parsley) and Vegan Chorizo with house-made vegan chorizo (contains soy), roasted squash and romesco sauce. Add a Veggie Chopped Salad and you're good to go.

Wood vegan pizza
Vegan pizza at WOOD Silver Lake | Instagram by @hippieadjacent

WOOD Silverlake

The roomy Silver Lake bar offers Daiya cheese as a substitute on any of their wood-fired Neopolitan pizzas, while the small plates of Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Cauliflower and Charred Broccoli make perfect sides for sharing.