Wake Up and Smell the Newest Independent Coffee Shops in LA

Get your caffeine fix from the DTLA Arts District to Pacific Palisades

Go Get Em Tiger at Music Center Plaza
Go Get Em Tiger at Music Center Plaza | Photo: GGET

Los Angeles has plenty of independent coffee shops to go around. Blue Bottle and Groundwork are great, but you’re ready to get your coffee somewhere new and exciting. From the Downtown LA Arts District to Pacific Palisades, we’ve got you covered with the latest and greatest spots to get your caffeine fix.

Go Get Em Tiger at Music Center Plaza
Go Get Em Tiger at Music Center Plaza | Photo: GGET

Go Get Em Tiger – Music Center Plaza

Los Angeles-based coffee roaster Go Get Em Tiger (GGET) has opened a new location at the freshly renovated Music Center Plaza in Downtown LA. The indoor-outdoor space alone will wake you up, with bright pops of color and a large “COFFEE” sign greeting you. In addition to pastries, sandwiches and light bites, you’ll find GGET’s signature almond macadamia nut milk that's worth a visit by itself. Take your coffee to go or stay and admire the new fountains and other additions like The Mullin Wine Bar and Abernethy’s restaurant. Open daily from 8am to 3pm, with extended hours on performance days. Go Get Em Tiger also opened a massive space at ROW DTLA in July 2019.

Laveta Coffee in Echo Park
Laveta Coffee in Echo Park | Photo: @laveta_la, Instagram


This super minimalist coffee shop in Echo Park is a new addition to the Andante Coffee family. The simple design allows the coffee and food to shine, but outside is a shaded patio overlooking Glendale Boulevard. Order a cold brew, vanilla latte or signature matcha misto. Food options include French toast, a grilled cauliflower sandwich, ube waffle and more. Bonus: They have their own parking lot and dogs are welcome inside.

Neighborhood on La Brea
Neighborhood on La Brea | Photo: Justin Chung, Canyon Coffee


Neighborhood is exactly what you’d expect – the perfect neighborhood coffee shop. Muted tones of pink and green and chill music make it ideal for meeting friends, working or just hanging out. Enjoy Canyon Coffee (started in Santa Monica), juice and milk by Venice-based Moon Juice, Daily Harvest smoothies, Craig’s Vegan ice cream (also LA-based), pastries from Friends and Family in Thai Town, and tea by Leaves and Flowers and MatchaBar.

Alfred Coffee at Palisades Village
Alfred Coffee Palisades Village | Photo: @alfred, Instagram

Alfred Coffee Palisades Village

Alfred has 14 coffee shops from Los Angeles to Japan, but none are as “chill” as their newest location in the pristine Palisades Village. Their “But First, Coffee” motto rings true - it’s all about the drinks here. Friendly baristas excel at their craft and are happy to serve you a hot oat milk matcha latte, even if it’s 80 degrees out. No judgments here. Pro tip: the lattes and teas are great, but don’t sleep on the breakfast burritos.

Menotti’s Coffee Stop in Culver City
Menotti’s Coffee Stop in Culver City | Photo: @blendandchat, Instagram

Menotti’s Coffee Stop Culver City

The third Los Angeles location of Menotti's Coffee Stop is another home run for Christopher Abel Alameda. Order signature and/or off-menu drinks that change regularly and soak up the surroundings. Menotti’s doesn’t have Wi-Fi, outlets or public restrooms – a novelty much like its unique menu. There is free parking.

Adelaide Coffeebar at SOCIALEATS in Santa Monica
Photo: Adelaide Coffeebar, Facebook

Adelaide Coffeebar

Energize yourself for a day of shopping or people watching (or both) at Adelaide Coffeebar, located at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Sip coffee and nibble on pastries courtesy of the Australia-based Vittoria Coffee crew. Adelaide sits inside SOCIALEATS, the “food discovery platform” that can be explored before or after your morning, afternoon or evening cup of coffee.

Sightglass Coffee in SoMA
Sightglass Coffee in SoMA | Photo: Sightglass Coffee

Sightglass Coffee (Coming Soon)

Bay Area-based Sightglass Coffee will open an 11,000 square-foot restaurant, coffee bar and roastery in the burgeoning Media District on the Hollywood-West Hollywood border. Based on word from fans up north, Angelenos can expect high-quality coffee and favorites like affogato and vanilla oat milk lattes. Chef Brett Cooper is overseeing the menu, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings like Roman-style pizza, beer and wine.