Famous Apples, caramel apple boutique, and snack bar, specializes in the design and preparation of signature dessert-style snacks, with an emphasis on regular and customized candy and caramel apples.

Our real point of difference is the ability to collaborate with customers providing delicious and unique solutions to their unique theme and branding ideas that suit original events.

• Famous Apples is especially distinguished for adapting the appearance of its products according to the needs, personality, and brand of each client, creating custom designs to match any event or occasion.

• Creative on-site staff to work on your idea customization

• Always on budget and on time

• On-line reviews average: 4.8

• Product variety: “one-stop-shop” for FULL LINE of candy and caramel apples. A huge array of flavors.

• Only the best quality products and ingredients

Accepts Credit Cards
Minority Owned
ADA Accessible
Family Friendly
Tour Group Friendly