The Landside Access Modernization Program will Transform LAX

All aboard the Automated People Mover!
LAX APM Guideway over Century Boulevard | Rendering courtesy of LAWA

Traffic into and on the roadways in the LAX Central Terminal Area is a major concern, with an estimated 50 percent of air travelers driving to and from the airport by car. The number of vehicles is expected to increase as annual passenger volume continues to break records. The $5.5-billion Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP) will give airport guests choices that provide a first-class, swift, convenient, and reliable way to access LAX.

A future project of the multi-billion dollar LAX modernization program, LAMP includes five major elements: a 2.25-mile Automated People Mover (APM) that will connect three on-airport stations to Metro Rail and transit services; a Consolidated Rent-A-Car center; two Intermodal Transportation Facilities for additional parking, ground transportation services, and meeter-greeter activities; and roadway improvements. These major elements are scheduled to be delivered by 2023.


The Automated People Mover (APM) is a critical project for the future modernization of LAX and will provide reliable, time-certain access to the airline terminals for passengers, employees and other users.

The APM system will feature:

  • A total of 6 stations connecting new rental car, airport parking and Metro facilities to the airline terminals
  • 3 stations in the Central Terminal Area providing fast and easy connections to the airline terminals with a convenient pedestrian walkway system
  • Short wait times at each station (2-3 minutes)
  • Free for airport users, 24 hours a day
  • The guideway will be approximately 2.25 miles long, 50 to 70 feet above ground with a width of 35-75 feet and columns every 100 feet
  • The APM system will simultaneously operate up to 9 trains with a 2-minute wait time
  • Each train could consist of 4 cars up to 175 feet long
  • Each car will hold approximately 50 passengers, with luggage
  • Pedestrian Access will be enhanced by moving walkways to the terminals and parking garages
ITF West Plaza at LAX | Rendering courtesy of LAWA

ITF West Plaza at LAX | Rendering courtesy of LAWA

Intermodal Transportation Facilities

The Intermodal Transportation Facilities (ITF) provide airport users multiple locations outside the terminal area to pick-up and drop off passengers, park their cars, check-in and get to their flights by taking the LAX Train.

The Intermodal Transportation Facilities will feature:

  • Fast and efficient access to the APM
  • Airport parking for private vehicles
  • Passenger pick-up/drop-off
  • Connections/transfers to hotels, shuttles/commercial vehicles, and transit
  • Amenities such as waiting areas, concessions, and ticketing/information kiosks

Consolidated Rent-A-Car Center

The Consolidated Rent-A-Car Center (CONRAC) will relocate existing rental car companies into one convenient location adjacent to the 405 Freeway with direct connections to the airport using the LAX Train.

The Consolidated Rent-A-Car Center will feature:

  • Offer a variety of rental car options in a single location
  • Provide rental car customers direct access to major freeways
  • Remove all rental car shuttles currently driving into LAX
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Airport Metro Connector Station main entrance | Rendering courtesy of Metro


Currently under construction, the 8.5-mile Metro Crenshaw/LAX Line between the Expo Line and Green Line is scheduled to open in fall 2019.

  • Metro has agreed to build a 96th Street Station to provide a rail and bus link to the airport.
  • LAWA has agreed to build an APM station above the planned 96th Street Metro Station to allow for quick and convenient transfers to LAX.

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"LAX From Daylight Into Darkness"

"LAX From Daylight Into Darkness" | Photo: Mike Kelley

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