Trivia Night in the Valley!

Join the weekly journey of intellect, camaraderie & eats at 8 one 8 Brewing's Trivia Night. Every Mon, 7-9pm. 8one8 Brewing, Canoga Park, CA. Hosted by King Trivia. Cheers to beer, brains, and bites!
Free    |  Sep 4 - Dec 18, 2023  |  6:45PM - 9:15PM

Prepare to embark on a journey of intellect, camaraderie, and delectable eats at 8 one 8 Brewing’s Trivia Night, a captivating weekly event that celebrates the art of brewing, the joy of trivia, and the irresistible charm of pizza. Hosted by the esteemed King Trivia, this event invites beer enthusiasts, trivia aficionados, and food lovers alike to join a night of challenging questions, lively competition, and exceptional community.
About Trivia Night:
The beginning of the week takes on a whole new flavor with Trivia Night @ 8 one 8. Every Monday, from 7pm to 9pm, the tasting room comes alive with the fusion of intellect and indulgence. From seasoned quiz masters to casual participants, all are welcomed into the fold of trivia fun.
Winning Tradition of Osborne Pizza Kitchen:
But that's not all. Enhancing the experience even further, Trivia Night at 8 one 8 Brewing partners with Osborne Pizza Kitchen. The mouthwatering aroma of pizza wafts through the air, celebrating the winning tradition of this classic timeless combo of Beer & Pizza. As you ponder trivia questions, you can also relish in the savory delights of Osborne Pizza Kitchen, elevating the evening to an unforgettable celebration of taste, community, and culture.
Event Details:
Date: Every MondayTime: 7pm - 9pm (tasting room open from 5pm - 11pm)Location: 8one8 Brewing, 8953 De Soto Ave. Canoga Park, CA 91304Host: King TriviaTrivia Night at 8 one 8 Brewing is more than just a gathering – it's a fusion of entertainment, cuisine, and connection. Don't miss out on this weekly ritual that brings together the best of beer, brains, and bites.