Los Angeles Calling: The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills

The London West Hollywood rooftop pool at sunset

Rooftop pool at sunset | Photo: The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills

You’re offended when anyone refers to little Bella as "your dog." To you, she’s much more - Bella is your best friend and your loyal companion, particularly when it comes to travel. So leaving her at home while you head to L.A. is never going to be an option. After all, she’s your baby and you want a hotel that treats the two of you like the family you are. The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills gets it and is ready for both of you to enjoy the glamorous but laid-back lifestyle it offers while you’re in Los Angeles.

Winston & Churchill at The London West Hollywood

Winston & Churchill | Photo: The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills

Located at the nexus of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, the hotel's refined exterior boasts both American and British flags which are visible as your driver passes through the ivy-covered arches that line the entrance. Inside, you’re delighted to actually recognize the concierge, as you noticed when booking your suite that The London West Hollywood thoughtfully included bios of your hosts on its website. Both you and Bella are graciously greeted and promptly introduced to Winston & Churchill, the resident English Bulldog mascots, who are very happy to make your acquaintance.

While the pups get to know one another, you take a moment to revel in the luxe lobby, where you decide that both the $27-million renovation The London underwent in 2015, and the more recent $11-million renovation were worth every cent. You also see why so many celebrities love The London, and why so many press, media and film events are held here. The London West Hollywood is supremely opulent but without any air of pretension.

From your David Collins Studio-designed Vista Suite, you and Bella have a perfectly stunning view of the Hollywood Hills from your King Bed, your chaise lounge, and your private balcony. It is radiant by day, and you know by night the hillside will be peppered with twinkling lights. You find The London’s signature Tic Tac Toe board waiting for you on the sitting table, and even though you were expecting it, you’re still utterly charmed by it. 

The rest of the 725 square-foot suite is equally lovely, complete with a large marble work desk, a Keurig coffee maker, adjustable flat screen TV, a personal wet bar, and a dressing area with mirrored closets and mirrored vanity. Likewise, the bathroom is truly a work of art. Designed by luxury purveyor Waterworks, it is oversized, with a soaking tub, a dual showerhead, and premium toiletries.

Within minutes Bella’s Pet-Friendly Hotel Package amenities also arrive - an all-natural dog bed, organic treats, disposal doggie clean-up kit, and food and water bowls. You’re both so contented. But after the long flight, you’re both ready to stretch your legs, so you head out to enjoy the famed rooftop pool, which is as lovely as you imagined, with panoramic views sweeping from Downtown LA to the Getty Center. The rooftop saltwater pool is laden with cabanas and chaise lounges, accented by firepits and couches. There’s also a bar, where a tanned couple is enjoying cocktails and sushi; a separate black and white themed sun deck curiously features a life-size chessboard. Framing the pool in a wall of ivy and tile are vibrantly colored art installations of none other than Winston & Churchill. You can’t help but smile, thinking that dog lovers have exceptional taste.

West End Roof Top at The London West Hollywood

West End Roof Top | Photo: The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills

Cocktails at the West End Roof Top, The London West Hollywood

Cocktails at the West End Roof Top | Photo: The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills

Speaking of taste, you consider ordering a drink at the pool but you opt for the West End Roof Top to sip on a cocktail and admire the view. The British inspired craft cocktail menu has an incredible variety of mixed drinks, frozen cocktails, and even non-alcoholic spirits. You settle on "The London Cooler" with gin, lime, basil, cucumber and simple syrup - it's incredibly refreshing.

Boxwood Restaurant at The London West Hollywood

Boxwood Restaurant | Photo: The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills

You’re perfectly relaxed as you head into your appointment at the Alex Roldan Salon where you’ve booked a haircut and a manicure. You walk out a couple of hours later feeling like a million bucks and quickly change clothes for dinner at the Boxwood Restaurant.

The restaurant is spacious, with plenty of light, city views, and palm fronds in abundance. Executive Chef Anthony Keene’s inventive seasonal menu looks fun and sophisticated. After struggling to choose from so many options, you settle on a variety of items from the Seafood & Raw Bar menu and savor every bite.

The London West Hollywood rooftop pool at night

Rooftop pool at night | Photo: The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills

By the time you’re finished, you’re ready to be reunited with Bella who has ostensibly been napping in your suite. Los Angeles beckons but you decide to spend the evening on the rooftop, where you both enjoy the pleasant weather, perfect views, and perhaps even indulge in a bit of playtime with Winston & Churchill.


The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills

1020 N. San Vicente Blvd., West Hollywood 90069


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