Lien Ta and Margarita Kallas-Lee Pick Their dineL.A. Favorites

dineL.A. Restaurant Week March 1-14, 2021

Now through Sunday, March 14, the Spring 2021 edition of dineL.A. Restaurant Week features special lunch and dinner menus at hundreds of restaurants across the city. To help you navigate the options, two of LA's culinary stars, Lien Ta and Margarita Kallas-Lee, share their dineL.A. favorites. 

Lien is the co-owner of All Day Baby, a "feel-good restaurant with the soul of a diner" that's located in Silver Lake. She is also one of the nine female restaurateurs that founded the nonprofit Regarding Her (RE:Her) as a response to the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the restaurant industry. Margarita is the pastry chef for several restaurants, including dineL.A. participant Sushi | Bar and Scratch | Bar & Kitchen, both located in Encino.

Read on for the Top 10 dineL.A. Restaurants from Lien Ta and Margarita Kallas-Lee.

Adrift Burger at Adrift Burger Bar in Venice
Adrift Burger at Adrift Burger Bar | Photo:, Instagram

Adrift Burger Bar Venice

Lien Ta: "I adored the burger at Comme Ça and am so eager to experience Chef David Myers’ updated iteration of his infamous bistro burger."

Dal Rae

Lien Ta: "I’ve loved classic steakhouses since I was girl and shared so many father-daughter dinners. I miss Dal Rae’s gorgeous horseshoe leather booths and expansive dining room — and had no idea that they were open for outdoor dining (thanks, dineL.A.!)."

Crispy Provolone at Ospi in Venice
Crispy Provolone at Ospi | Photo: @grubswithgubbs, Instagram


Lien Ta: "For a nice dinner out, I almost always go for Italian. It feels like I’m going to Italy! I’m dying to try my friend Melissa Saka’s newest restaurant where her husband, Chef Jackson Kalb has put together a mouth-watering dineL.A. menu. (My two-person order would be: Crispy Provolone, Kale Salad, Copione Pizza, Spaghetti Tomato with Meatballs, and all the dolci.)"

Deluxe Afternoon Tea Package at Clementine
Deluxe Afternoon Tea Package | Photo: Clementine


Lien Ta: "I’ve had my eye on owner Annie Miler’s afternoon tea party kit since 10 Days RE:Her in January! I love tiny fancy food. All I need is a tea party tower."

The Arthur J

Lien Ta: "Sitting on the street against a traffic barricade enjoying a white-tablecloth dinner that progresses from best-in-town shrimp cocktail to a wedge salad is one of the most romantic nights you can drum up."

Beef Lula Kebab at Carousel Restaurant
Beef Lula Kebab at Carousel Restaurant | Photo: @carouselrestaurant, Instagram

Carousel Restaurant (Hollywood & Glendale)

Lien Ta: "My favorite thing to order at Carousel is 'the party.' Which is essentially all the components of its dineL.A. menu! All of the Armenian mezze and kebabs make up a seemingly endless feast."


Lien Ta: "All of Chef Steve Samson’s food feels like a big bear hug from Dad. Steve’s been feeding me for a decade, and from the dineL.A. menu, I want to try his tuna-two-way starter: Bigeye Tuna Carpaccio with tonnato sauce, chives and fried capers."

Filé Gumbo at Harold & Belle's
Filé Gumbo at Harold & Belle's | Photo: @dinela, Instagram

Harold & Belle's

Lien Ta: "New Orleans is my favorite food city in America. I have to try the Filé Gumbo at Harold & Belle’s — and as much as I love Margaritas, only a Hurricane pairing makes sense!"

Fish curry at Mayura Indian Restaurant in Culver City
Fish curry at Mayura Indian Restaurant | Photo: Mayura


Lien Ta: "I am always on a quest for terrific Indian food in LA and remember that the late [Jonathan Gold] was an advocate of Mayura. Their dineL.A. menu features all the comfort dishes: Butter Chicken, Fish Curry, Palak Paneer, and Garlic Naan. Make it extra spicy."

dineL.A. Spring 2021 dinner specials at Ms Chi Cafe in Culver City
dineL.A. dinner specials at Ms Chi Cafe, including Soy Poached Cornish Hens and Crispy Skin Salmon | Photo: @mschicafe, Instagram

Ms Chi Cafe

Lien Ta: "I am keen to support as many female restaurateurs as possible — and I have yet to try Chef Shirley Chung’s Culver City Chinese cafe. Dumplings and a double helping of Cornish Hens!"

Tokyo Ramen at Killer Noodle Tsujita on Sawtelle
Tokyo Ramen at Killer Noodle Tsujita | Photo: @karen.stark, Instagram

Killer Noodle Tsujita

Margarita Kallas-Lee: “I love Tsujita Annex, it's honestly my favorite ramen ever. So I’d LOVE to try these spicy noodles.”


Margarita Kallas-Lee: “Their menu looks like I want to eat everything, all the pates, cured meats and cheeses. AND HOUSEMADE BREAD, yes please.”

The dineL.A. Lemmy Special at All Day Baby
The Lemmy Special at All Day Baby: Smoked Beef 'n Cheese Sandwich, Fries and Jack Daniel's Cocktail | Photo: @alldaybabyla, Instagram

All Day Baby

Margarita Kallas-Lee: “We’re huge fans of the restaurant. The dineL.A. menu looks amazing and all the pastries look so delicious!”

Beef Khao Soi at Chao Krung Thai
Beef Khao Soi at Chao Krung Thai | Photo: @chaokrungthai, Instagram

Chao Krung Thai

Margarita Kallas-Lee: “My favorite cuisine is Thai - I love all the flavors and unique dishes. So I must try this during dineL.A.!”

Cabbage Baked in the Embers at Charcoal Venice
Cabbage Baked in the Embers at Charcoal Venice | Photo: @charcoalvenice, Instagram

Charcoal Venice

Margarita Kallas-Lee: “I’m surprised with myself that Phillip and I have never been, but I love wood fired anything and the dineL.A. menu sounds great so it might be the right time.”


Margarita Kallas-Lee: “Chef Kris Tominaga makes really great food, and I’m a huge fan of the LA art scene so i’d love to check this spot out and make a full day of it if I could.”

Sweet Pea Soup at Mélisse x Citrin
Sweet Pea Soup at Mélisse x Citrin | Photo: @melisserestaurant, Instagram


Margarita Kallas-Lee: “We have wanted to try Citrin ever since we went to Mélisse the night before they closed for renovations in 2019. This would be a great meal for a date night.”

Beef Carpaccio at The Little Door
Beef Carpaccio at The Little Door | Photo: @thelittledoorla, Instagram

The Little Door

Margarita Kallas-Lee: “A bunch of my friends have told me about The Little Door, that the atmosphere is killer so i’d love to go and hang out on their cute patio and have some snacks with my closest loved ones.”

Sushi Tsujita

Margarita Kallas-Lee: “Honestly, simply put, I just love anything that Tsujita does.”

Salmon Avo Pressed Sushi at Seabutter in Beverly Hills
Salmon Avo Pressed Sushi at Seabutter | Photo: @seabutterla, Instagram

Seabutter - Beverly Hills

Margarita Kallas-Lee: “As owners of Sushi|Bar we are always trying out new sushi restaurants. It definitely doesn’t suck that sushi is something I want to eat all the time.”