Words from Wooden - February 2017

President and CEO Ernest Wooden Jr., LATCB

Awards Season always sets off a certain palpable buzz across Los Angeles. The city’s signature glitz and glamour are put on full display as the world’s biggest stars converge to the entertainment capital of the world to celebrate the best of film and music. Entertainment, as you know, is a bedrock of the Los Angeles experience as millions of our visitors seek to immerse themselves in that one-of-a-kind L.A. lifestyle and feeling.
And it’s that same feeling we have brought to life in our new global brand campaign, which launched in key markets earlier this month. The new campaign features visual metaphors that evoke the emotion of an L.A. moment as we invite travelers to feel the palpable energy of the city. You can read more in our News & Notes section.
I’m thrilled to report that Winter dineL.A., the biannual event celebrating the city’s vibrant culinary scene, was our most successful event to-date (per volume of restaurant covers). Thank you to the more than 300 restaurants that participated in this season’s program and we look forward to Summer dineL.A. in July.
Abroad, we announced our new marketing representation in the region of Scandinavia, Our Man in Scandinavia. We will work closely with Our Man in Scandinavia to expand the destination’s product and foster key relationships with travel trade and airlines to increase visitation from the region, which has shown double-digit growth the past two years.
Of course, we will continue to closely monitor travel-related issues, including the currently suspended presidential executive order and its impact on international visitation.  It’s more important than ever that we continue executing against our mission, spreading the news across the globe that L.A. celebrates diversity and rolls out the red carpet for visitors. And we’ll be working diligently on behalf of our industry members and partners to keep the world coming to Los Angeles.
Best Wishes,
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