Tourism Matters in Los Angeles

A shining star of the local economy, tourism is a leading, thriving industry in Los Angeles. Having broken tourism records for four consecutive years, L.A. has become one of the world’s premier travel destinations, attracting more than 44 million visitors in 2014.

Travel enhances the community we live in by supporting our local businesses and putting our residents to work. L.A.’s tourism industry is a significant driver for jobs in the Leisure & Hospitality sector, one of the area’s largest and strongest economic sectors, helping to support 464,600 jobs in L.A. County in 2014. That’s 1 in every 9 workers employed with the help of tourism, which contributed to the addition of 25,300 new jobs last year, making it the County’s leading job growth sector.

Travelers drive revenue into a broad spectrum of businesses and local establishments, including lodging, public transportation, retail, attractions and food services. Here in L.A., visitor spending topped $19.6 billion with an estimated economic impact of $30.6 billion in 2014.

The benefits and impact of tourism can be felt throughout the county. Travel and tourism to L.A. County alone generated nearly $2.3 billion in total state and local tax revenues last year. These funds are vital to local government, providing revenue to support services the community depends on, such as police and fire protection, streets and sidewalks, parks and libraries.

The Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board’s primary mission is to market and promote Los Angeles as the premier site for leisure travel, meetings and conventions as the City’s official tourism marketing organization.

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