Get Ready for the Scariest Halloween Horror Nights Ever

Enter a world of terror at Universal Studios Hollywood

Face your darkest fears in Southern California’s scariest, most intense event – Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. The movie studio that invented the horror genre brings to life all-new immersive worlds of living, breathing icons from the most twisted imaginations in film and television.

Halloween Horror Nights will be open on select nights through November 2. This year's HHN will bring Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Jordan Peele's global blockbuster, Us, to terrifying life. The all-new Us maze will place guests at the heart of this living nightmare where they quickly realize they are their own worst enemy. 

Brace yourself for nine more spine-chilling mazes, including Netflix’s Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Creepshow, Holidayz in Hell, and AMC’s The Walking Dead Attraction. Plus, there are five new scare zones with horrors lurking around every dark corner, and an all-new Jabbawockeez live show.

Step this way for a sneak peek at Halloween Horror Nights… if you dare!

Stranger Things

Prepare to go even further into the chilling world of the Upside Down as Netflix’s Stranger Things returns to Halloween Horror Nights in an all-new maze. Back in Hawkins, Indiana, a shadowy new evil threatens to envelop the entire town. Experience the most terrifying moments of Seasons 2 & 3 as you come face to face with the shadowy Mind Flayer and its army of creatures that wreak havoc in Hawkins. Brace yourself again for the goosebump-inducing world that awaits.

Jordan Peele's Us

Jordan Peele’s Us comes to life in a new original nightmare when you follow in the footsteps of the Wilson family as they face the ultimate opponent: themselves. You’ll freeze in terror and disbelief as you are hunted at every frightening turn by murderous doppelgängers — terrifying doubles of every American known as the “Tethered.” Having languished for generations throughout thousands of miles of abandoned underground tunnels, these human “copies” have organized, surfaced, and staged an uprising. You can run and you can hide, but you cannot escape the Tethered version of yourself.


Ain’t afraid of no ghosts, you say? Maybe so, until you’ve experienced the all-new Ghostbusters - a rift between worlds, releasing apparitions of all shapes and sizes. Enter with caution as you navigate through a deserted and dimly-lit New York after paranormal activity has engulfed the city. From the voracious Slimer to ghosts encapsulating the minds of the innocent, you’ll catch yourself thinking twice if you become their next victim. While the Ghostbusters have continuously saved the day with the help of their proton packs, this time, those who enter may not be so lucky.

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

Despite what your parents told you at bedtime, monsters are real - and they never die! The two most iconic Universal Monsters of all time, Frankenstein and the Wolf Man are back and ready to deliver an unforgettable and horrifying new live experience. With Frankenstein on the loose, he wanders into the woods where he finds himself face to face with Wolf Man in unwelcome territory. In the middle of a cemetery, the two monsters face each other in a bloodbath battle.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

If ever there was a reason why people are afraid of clowns, this is it. Killer Klowns from Outer Space have landed and there’s nothing funny about these strange creatures who use side-splitting antics and weird alien technology to devour their victims. Don’t let them encase you in one of their pink cotton candy cocoons or you could end up as a gooey snack! Each gag is ghastlier than the next as they have you shrieking from clown to clown like some twisted three-ring circus. These Killer Klowns will make you scream - but not with laughter.


Experience a horror comic book come to life! Your host for this horrifying journey is The Creep, the skeletal namesake of the Creepshow comic book, who will lead you through five jolting tales of terror inspired by the classic 1982 horror anthology and the upcoming Shudder series from horror legend Greg Nicotero. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have being scared!

House of 1,000 Corpses

From the Ruggsville, Texas roadside oddity “Captain Spaulding’s Museum of Monsters & Madmen” to the home of the psychotic Firefly family, Rob Zombie’s epic horror masterpiece, House of 1,000 Corpses comes to life. Scream all you want, but you won’t find any mercy from the Fireflys as each family member is more sadistic than the next. It’s a never-ending nightmare of blood and gore as they lunge at you from every filthy corner of their decrepit house with rusty implements of horror. Nobody’s coming to save you. After all, what’s one more corpse when there are a thousand others inside?

The Curse of Pandora's Box

Some things are never meant to be opened…sadly for you, someone already has, unleashing unimaginable evil. Welcome to The Curse of Pandora’s Box – the living nightmare netherworld of Hades, populated by the most fearsome monsters in Greek Mythology. Prepare for a trip through Hell where the demonic temptress Pandora serves as your guide. Once the box is opened and evil has been released, it can never be closed again!

Holidayz in Hell

It's supposed to be a time with friends, family and loved ones - but the holidays have quite literally gone to Hell! The terrors of Holidayz in Hell are hardly limited to just Halloween. Prepare yourself for a sadistic experience involving a trip through a series of psychotic seasonal celebrations. Your creepy crawl through the year’s calendar is a true 365-day nightmare. After all, in our world - the scarier, the merrier!

The Walking Dead Attraction

Enter the post-apocalyptic world of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Prepare to fight for survival in a fully immersive journey as you navigate through a world overrun by walkers with an insatiable appetite for the living. Follow in the footsteps of the human survivors as you battle your way through nightmarish iconic landscapes that bring the most popular cable TV show in history to life!

More Attractions

After performing to sold-out shows and continuing to be the highest-rated attraction at Halloween Horror Nights, the Jabbawockeez return from Las Vegas to Hollywood with an all-new, exclusive live show for 2019. Combining gravity-defying choreography, stunning special effects, heavy-hitting music and their unique brand of humor, get ready for another adrenaline-raising experience. See what surprises await beneath the iconic masks.


  • Fallen Angelz - Explore crypts packed with restless ghouls and escape angry skeletons that have taken over Main Street. If you think the aged statues are creepy, wait until you encounter the wraith who will be literally watching over you. You can also spread your own demonic wings while you’re here, but be sure not to antagonize the Angel of Death.
  • Spirits & Demons of the East - Sacred antiquities have just been shipped over from the Far East, and they didn’t come alone. Many of these artifacts were stolen from ancient temples and carry angry spirits with them. Now the spirits roam New York Street, looking to exact vengeance on anyone who would dare steal such sacred relics. Be careful out there, these powerful demons can look like anything – even innocent school children.
  • Christmas in Hell - Navigate through the Christmas trees littering French Street and make your way through twisted takes on holiday traditions. A giant nutcracker may be looking for a skull or two to clamp down on. The Winter Witch and Jack Frost himself will be celebrating as well, and they may not take too kindly to you interrupting their festivities. And just when you think it’s over, beware of the New Year’s Baby. He’s… cranky.
  • Toxxxic Tunnel - Yes, if you wish to experience the mazes on the Metro Lots, you’ll have to get through the tunnel once again. This time, the warped and cartoonish members of a demonic custom car club have taken over, and they don’t plan on letting you get very far on foot.
  • All Hallow's Evil - Halloween isn’t the only holiday that happens this time of year. The Celtic festival of Hop-tu-Naa is celebrated on October 31 as well. There’s also All Saints’ Day, followed by All Souls’ Day, and of course Mexico’s Dia de Muertos - all of which share this season with the centuries-old Gaelic festival of Samhain. Samhain celebrates our transition into the “darker” months at the end of the harvest season. The souls of the dead are thought to return home on this night, and are welcomed with costumes and bonfires. Some say the costumes were actually intended to be protection from these otherworldly beings. Here’s hoping they’re relatively peaceful during your visit…
Mosasaurus attacks in Jurassic World: The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

Mosasaurus in Jurassic World: The Ride | Photo: Universal Studios Hollywood


Select rides will be open during Halloween Horror Nights, including:

  • Jurassic World - The Ride - Climb aboard an unforgettable journey with imposing prehistoric creatures that first roamed the earth more than 65 million years ago in this new epic adventure!
  • Transformers™ The Ride 3D - Fusing photo-realistic 3D HD media and elaborate flight simulation technology with cutting edge physical and special effects, TRANSFORMERS™: The Ride-3D is the next generation immersive Theme Park attractions.
  • The Simpsons Ride™ - Join America's favorite animated family and their friends on an epic adventure through Springfield on this virtual rollercoaster.
  • Revenge of the Mummy - The Ride - A terrifying thrill ride full of ghastly creatures that uses Linear Induction Motors (LIM) Technology to catapult riders deep into the heart of the film franchise at 45 mph.


Halloween Horror Nights will be open at Universal Studios Hollywood on select dates now to November 2. Operating hours vary, for more info and the full schedule visit the HHN Calendar.

Tickets are now on sale at the HHN website. Options include General Admission, Universal Express, After 2PM Day/Night (includes theme park entry), and Frequent Fear Passes for multiple nights.

R.I.P. Tour
Get the VIP treatment at HHN with a twist: the R.I.P. Tour features an evening of first class horror with an expert guided tour of Halloween Horror Nights mazes and exclusive experiences along the way. Your evening includes:

  • Exclusive interactive themed photo ops and the special tour of the Universal Backlot
  • Universal Express UNLIMITED access to all mazes and available rides
  • Themed buffet dinner at exclusive VIP Dining Room & Lounge
  • Exclusive lounge area on the Lower Lot for drinks and desserts during your tour
  • Private VIP trolley transportation to Backlot mazes
  • Reserved VIP seating at the Jabbawockeez live show
  • Complimentary valet parking (one vehicle)
  • Special VIP entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood where you will receive your commemorative “R.I.P.” credentials