New Videos to Showcase TMD Hotels & Regional Neighborhoods!

At the Regional Meetings, hoteliers enthusiastically embraced plans to create a 90 second video for each TMD hotel. The hotel videos will showcase the distinguishing features of each TMD hotel, from guestrooms and meeting facilities, to pools, spa amenities, and restaurants. The goal is to offer visitors an inside look into every TMD hotel to find the perfect property to suit their needs. The videos will be produced for TMD hotels to use on their websites, in-room TV’s, on sales calls or presentations at no cost.  LATCB will partner with City Explorer and will be contacting you to sign up for production of your video.  Please email John Boudouvas, LA Tourism’s Senior Director of Marketing at for questions.  

In order to boost visitor awareness of LA’s key regions, LA Tourism also presented plans to produce 90 second videos showcasing unique selling points of key neighborhoods in order to drive visitation to hotels throughout the diverse regions of Los Angeles.  LA Tourism will work with hoteliers and stakeholders to identify the neighborhood’s most compelling aspects for hotel guests.