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This has been a busy, but productive few months for the Tourism Marketing District (TMD). In June, our TMD Regional meetings held in the Valley, Westside, Hollywood, Downtown and the Coastal/LAX regions were well attended. I am also pleased to report that the renewal of the TMD, which began last year, is continuing its process through the City and is nearly complete with overwhelming support from both large and small hotels in the Tourism Marketing District.

A benefit of the TMD has been increased market information, performance data and market trends that was presented last week’s LATCB Market Outlook Forum August 20. As you complete your business plans for the coming year, you will find the 233-page “2015 Marketing & Planning Resource” to be a very valuable source of information.

To request a copy of this “Planning Resource” or the Regional TMD presentation, please contact Gina Trechter at gtrechter@latourism.org or at (213) 236-2336. We always welcome your comments, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.