L.A. Tourism at Work - November 2015

L.A.’s team of destination sales experts exhibited at IMEX America in Las Vegas October 18-20, 2015


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American Airlines – Mexico City FAM

In partnership with American Airlines, L.A. Tourism hosted a familiarization tour October 7-10, 2015 to promote the airline’s newly launched daily nonstop flights between Mexico City and LAX. This new air service further strengthens American Airlines’ position in Latin America, a key international market for L.A.’s tourism industry. Attendees consisted of 11 travel trade sales executives from the airline’s top partner agencies. The educational itinerary highlighted L.A.’s premier tourism products including Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, The Original Farmer’s Market, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and Universal Studios Hollywood, among others. Accommodations were provided by The Standard Downtown LA.

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Delta Airlines - Regio Operadora FAM
L.A. Tourism hosted a FAM tour October 11-14, 2015 for Regio Operadora de Viajes, one of Mexico’s premier travel companies, to promote Delta Air Lines’ direct flight from Monterrey, Mexico to LAX. The group of agents experienced a diversity of L.A.’s tourism products including Warner Bros. Studio Hollywood, The Original Farmer’s Market, Universal Studios Hollywood and Citywalk, among others. Accommodations were provided by The Shore Hotel.

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Qantas Holidays – Universal Studios FAM
L.A. Tourism hosted a FAM tour October 30, 2015 for top selling agents from Qantas Holidays Australia as part of an incentive trip sponsored by Universal Studios Hollywood. The group experienced Urban Adventure’s Hollywood Stars and Bars tour in addition to Universal Studios.

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As part of Brand USA delegation, L.A. Tourism exhibited at ITB Asia in Singapore October 21-23, 2015. Asia’s largest combined leisure travel & MICE trade show this year attracted 880 buyers from China, Australia & S.E. Asia. L.A. Tourism representatives Angelia Li (China) and Craig Gibbons (Australia) conducted three full days of pre-scheduled appointments with buyers from across the region, focusing on buyers from L.A.’s top two overseas markets China and Australia, respectively. Buyers were provided updates on L.A.’s hotel development, upcoming attractions and LAX. The show also allowed L.A. Tourism to meet with hosted buyer delegations from U.S. Commercial Services from across the region as the trade show is now certified by the U.S Department of Commerce.

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Discover Qatar Airways
In celebration of Qatar Airways upcoming daily service from Doha to LAX launching on January 1, 2016, L.A. Tourism assisted the airline’s pre-launch team in organizing “Discover Qatar Airways” October 23-25, 2015. The pop up weekend event took place at The Grove and showcased the airline's amenities and culture by offering delicious Middle Eastern food tastings, an award-winning Business Class seat experience, creative children's activities and musical entertainment from around the world. Los Angeles residents were also asked to "spot" Qatar Airways cabin crew in locations around the city, using clues posted on Qatar Airways' Twitter and Facebook accounts. Angelenos that were the first to arrive at each spot were awarded a free trip on Qatar to the destination of their choice.

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L.A. Tourism – U.K. & Ireland
L.A. Tourism’s UK representative Lisa Steward attended M&I Forum in Malta October 19-23, 2015. The show attracted more than 500 European buyers and suppliers at the InterContinental Hotel over the five days. Lisa conducted 54 pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with targeted, pre-qualified European buyers from top event agencies, corporate companies and associations.

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Aer Lingus Event
L.A. Tourism/LAWA representative Francine Sheridan attended Aer Lingus’ press event held in Dublin where IAG's Chief Executive Willie Walsh and Aer Lingus' Chief Executive Stephen Kavanagh announced new transatlantic direct flights including Dublin to LAX starting May 4, 2016.  Aer Lingus previously flew this route in the 2000s but stopped it in 2008 due to high fuel costs, a weak dollar and the economic slowdown. The A330 flight will be in service year-round, five times a week.
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L.A. Tourism – Germany
L.A. Tourism’s Germany office exhibited at the annual Thomas Cook Travel ConneXtion Booking Season trade show in Frankfurt October 30-31, 2015. More than 1,500 travel agents were invited by Thomas Cook to celebrate the travel company’s brands and worldwide products. L.A. Tourism exhibited as part of BrandUSA’s booth to generate interest for travelling to Los Angeles. Temporary spray-on "Los Angeles" tattoos were offered as booth entertainment.
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In partnership with BrandUSA, L.A. Tourism hosted a familiarization tour October 16-20, 2015 to promote L.A.’s variety of event venues ideal for the incentive meeting market. The group’s participants included MICE planners from China; their educational itinerary highlighted L.A.’s premier tourism experiences such as a behind the scenes tour of OUE Skyspace LA, Universal Studios Hollywood, wine tasting at the Malibu Wines, and tours of event spaces at Target Terrace and Madame Tussauds, among others. Accommodations were provided by The Sheraton Gateway Hotel and Langham Pasadena.

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L.A. Tourism – China
L.A. Tourism President & CEO Ernest Wooden Jr. led a group of tourism partners on a weeklong sales mission in China, which began in Guangzhou October 12, 2015 followed by Shanghai and Beijing. The delegation met with the Consulate General of Guangzhou for a visa briefing session as well as tourism administrations from all three cities to exchange ideas on tourism development.

L.A. Tourism’s China office organized a “Discover Los Angeles Reception” in Guangzhou October 12, 2015 where more than 130 invitees attended the event including officers from the Tourism Administration of Guangdong Province, Tourism Administration of Guangzhou Municipality and Guangzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office as well as VIP guests from China Southern Airlines, US Consulate-General, local travel agencies, airlines, airport and media. At the event, Ernest Wooden announced the official opening of L.A. Tourism’s Guangzhou office.
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A “Discover Los Angeles Reception” was also held in Beijing October 15, 2015 with more than 300 attendees including airline partners, travel agencies and media. At this event, L.A. Tourism announced the launch of the “L.A. Destination Specialist” program. The program provides an innovative, mobile-first learning solution that enables travel agents to learn anywhere, at any time. Featuring freshly produced L.A. neighborhood videos, the training program aims to equip Chinese travel professionals with the most up-to-date, detailed information about Los Angeles.

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Other highlights from the mission include:

  • Official opening of L.A. Tourism’s Guangzhou office
  • Visit to WeChat Headquarters in Guangzhou
  • Clippers vs Hornets NBA game with trade partners and media in Shanghai
  • Visit to Ctrip in Shanghai
  • OTA panel discussion in Shanghai
  • MICE luncheon in Beijing

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L.A. Tourism – France
L.A. Tourism’s France representatives conducted the first series of trainings for 2015-2016 at Air Tahiti Nui October 13, 2015 at ATN’s headquarters in Paris. Several travel agents participated in the training where updates and news about Los Angeles was shared. The next training session is November 17, 2015.

L.A. Tourism exhibited at IFTM Top Resa in Paris, targeting business, leisure and event travel. L.A. Tourism joined partner Visit California and welcome more than 800 buyers to the booth – the most ever for a trade show in Paris.


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L.A.’s team of destination sales experts exhibited at IMEX America in Las Vegas October 18-20, 2015. L.A. Tourism was joined at their booth by several partner hotels, venues and services including L.A. LIVE, Hilton Los Angeles Airport, JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE, Levy Restaurants Sports and Entertainment, The Studios at Paramount, Sheraton Gateway LAX, SLS at Beverly Hills, The Garland, Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites and Wolfgang Puck Catering.  During the show, L.A. Tourism and booth partners conducted nine group presentations on everything that makes Los Angeles one of the country’s hottest meetings destinations to 97 hosted buyers. L.A. Tourism also met with 89 clients during pre-scheduled, one-on-one appointments while L.A.’s booth partners met with an additional 118 clients, combining for 201 total individual appointments on the show floor.
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L.A. Tourism hosted a group of 15 travel representatives from top corporate accounts in Brazil including Accenture, Johnson & Johnson and Toyota. In partnership with Pepita Consulting and American Airlines, the group experienced all that Los Angeles has to offer from the Beach Cities to Downtown. Experiences included Universal Studios Hollywood, Malibu Family Wines, the Grove, Dolby Theatre, and hotel site tours. Accommodations were provided by Intercontinental Los Angeles Century City and Hotel Angeleno.

Property of Discover Los Angeles


In partnership with Qantas and Visit California, L.A. Tourism hosted an L.A. Fashion Week FAM October 8, 2015 consisting of nine Australian journalists. The educational itinerary highlighted L.A.’s most “Instagrammable” locations including the Arts District. Outlets on the trip included Harper’s Bazaar and Australian Financial Review.

L.A. Tourism Public Relations hosted freelance Australian travel writer Tim Richards October 12-16. Tim was commissioned by several outlets including Fairfax and Lonely Planet to write stories about L.A.’s culture scene and off-the-beaten path experiences. During his visit, Tim experienced Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, The Studios at Paramount tour, The Broad and Universal Studios Hollywood.  Accommodations were provided by Hotel Normandie.

Journalist Laura Goodman visited Los Angeles October 17-19 on assignment from the U.K.’s Sunday Times Travel Magazine. Laura stayed at The Line Hotel as her story will feature Koreatown. 

Journalist Brendan Shanahan from Qantas Inflight magazine visited L.A. October 27-30 to work on a business destination guide feature highlighting L.A.’s business hotels and culinary scene. Brendan stayed at The Garland, Hotel Normandie and The Standard Downtown LA.

At IMEX America 2015 in Las Vegas, L.A. Tourism hosted several top meetings publications for a sneak peek of the new meetLA.com website, designed specifically to fit the needs of meeting and event professionals. Publications including Smart Meetings, Prevue, PCMA Convene, Successful Meetings and MeetingsNet all received a preview of the stand-alone site which makes buying decisions become simpler and stress-free.

Freelance writer Celia Shatzman (Conde Nast Traveler, ForbesLife and New York Magazine) visited Los Angeles for future coverage. L.A. Tourism PR provided access to The Broad, facilitated a tour of Grand Central Market and hosted a breakfast at G&B. While in town, Celia toured the Arts District, Venice Beach and Abbot Kinney Blvd, as well as Museum Row and LACMA. Accommodations were provided by Mama Shelter and W Los Angeles – West Beverly Hills.

Adam Daskivich, editor of Dapper magazine, a Dallas-based men’s lifestyle publication visited Los Angeles for a multi-spread feature in the print winter 2015 issue as well as online. Adam explored a number of top restaurants, retail, museums and attractions across various neighborhoods including Downtown, Hollywood and Venice. Accommodations were provided by The Standard Downtown LA and The Redbury.