L.A. Tourism at Work - March 2016


Grammy China Travel Trade FAM
L.A. Tourism hosted a Grammy China Travel Trade FAM February 14-18, 2016, consisting of 16 executive leaders from major leisure and MICE markets. The educational itinerary showcased L.A.’s endless entertainment, culture, attractions and MICE venues such as The GRAMMY Awards, the Northern Trust PGA golf tournament, a preview of OUE SkySpace LA and the Petersen Automotive Museum. Accommodations were provided by Loews Hollywood. L.A. Tourism thanks all of the members who participated.
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Visit CA Japan Product Managers FAM
L.A. Tourism, in partnership with Visit CA and Delta Airlines, hosted a Japan Product Managers FAM February 1-4, 2016. The focus of the FAM was to further increase regional knowledge with a strong emphasis on "Laid Back Luxury." The educational itinerary included The Broad, dinner at Café del Rey and a Malibu Wine Safaris Tour, among others. Accommodations were provided by Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey and Ritz Carlton Downtown.
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Avianca Airlines Tour Operator FAM
L.A. Tourism, in partnership with Avianca Airlines, hosted a Brazil FAM February 22-25, 2016, consisting of seven leading Brazilian travel companies. Their educational itinerary showcased L.A.’s diverse tourism offerings including the Petersen Automotive Museum, lunch at The Original Farmer’s Market and shopping at the Citadel outlets.

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Interjet Airlines Launch

Mayor Eric Garcetti and L.A. Tourism President & CEO Ernest Wooden Jr. joined airport officials and the Consul General of Mexico to welcome Interjet’s inaugural flight to Guadalajara, Mexico from LAX Airport on February 18, 2016. The Mexican airline’s launch of this new direct route will help meet the growing demand of travelers between the two cities that share strong cultural, economic and leisure ties that benefit both destinations.
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NTA Travel Exchange
L.A. Tourism attended the 2016 NTA Travel Exchange January 31-February 3, 2016 in Atlanta and conducted 35 one-on-one business meetings with domestic and international tour operators to share updates on the destination. Topics discussed during the appointments included new hotel product, optional tours offered by members and partners, suggested itineraries and to remind operators that L.A. Tourism is able to assist with RFPs for upcoming tours groups.
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Go West Summit
Go West Summit, an annual summit held within the Western United States, took place in Anchorage, Alaska February 22-25, 2016. The conference gathers international and receptive tour operators as well as travel agencies that focus on offering tours of the American West (a 13-state region) to international clients. These tour operators specialize in group travel, FIT, and fly/drive programs. This year’s summit delivered the highest delegation attendance with more than 700 Suppliers and Buyers from more than 32 countries. L.A. Tourism successfully conducted 45 one-on-one business meetings with international buyers during the sessions and participated in networking opportunities throughout the show.

L.A. Tourism – Europe
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L.A. Tourism’s Europe office, in partnership with SAS Airlines and Visit California, hosted an evening event in Stockholm, Sweden for key travel trade. The event highlighted SAS Airline’s new direct air service between Stockholm and LAX, which commences March 14, 2016. L.A. Tourism representative Francine Sheridan provided presentations on new L.A. and LAWA products to 70 Swedish tour operators as well as representatives from the US Embassy of Sweden. Guests were treated to the sounds of L.A. music and enjoyed “Oscar-tini” cocktails; a trip to L.A., with flights provided by SAS Airlines, was also raffled.
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L.A. Tourism’s Europe office, in partnership with Santa Monica Travel & Tourism and Universal Studios Hollywood, celebrated award season with 65 travel agents from Flight Centre in the U.K. The agents enjoyed a pre-release screening of “Hail Caesar,” the new film from Universal. Agents also listened to a presentation from L.A. Tourism representative Hayley French, who provided updates on all that Los Angeles and LAWA has to offer their clients.

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L.A. Tourism’s Germany representative Annett Kaiser-Rott hosted three product managers from Germany’s top tour operator DER TOURISTIK with brands DERTOUR, Meier's Weltreisen and receptive operator NWT for three days in Los Angeles. The group experiences L.A.’s new and unique products including LeMeridien Delfina, Hotel Angeleno, Getty center, Warner Bros. Studio Tour, Bikes & Hikes LA, Tinhorn Flats and Maia, among others. The group was also in L.A. for their annual review with New World Travel and experienced TBIT while flying on Lufthansa.
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Local Chinese RTO Event
L.A. Tourism and partners hosted a group of 14 local Chinese receptive tour operators (RTO) for an informative evening at WP24 by Wolfgang Puck, which featured a Chinese New Year menu and venue tour. After dinner, the group experienced the L.A. Clippers first ever Chinese Heritage Night at STAPLES Center.
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L.A. Tourism – France
L.A. Tourism’s France office, in conjunction with Visit California, conducted a training seminar at Air Tahiti on February 9, 2016 for 15 travel agents. For the first time, the seminar was also broadcasted via live webinar, which was joined by 39 agents.

L.A. Tourism – China
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GITF in Guangzhou
L.A. Tourism’s Guangzhou office, in partnership with Visit California, exhibited at GITF in Guangzhou February 25-26, 2016. Representatives met and networked with key travel agents, OTAs and receptive partners as well as delivered official visitor guides, maps and more to 500 China travel trade clients. L.A. Tourism reps also promoted China’s route development to Los Angeles, new L.A. venues, MICE resources, China-Ready program and the LA Angel Academy. As one of the most influential B2B trade shows to focus on outbound travel, inbound travel and MICE, GITF has received widespread attention among the tourism industry since its first session 24 years ago. GITF 2016 attracted 783 tourist service providers from 43 countries and regions.
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Brand USA China Mission
L.A. Tourism’s China office joined the Brand USA China Sales Mission in Beijing February 28 - March 1, 2016. Representatives presented updated information on LAWA, L.A.’s attractions such as The Broad, The Bloc and Universal Studios Hollywood to the more than 25 companies that were in attendance. China’s route development to LA, the China Ready Program and LA Angel Academy were also promoted. During the mission in Beijing, L.A. Tourism also participated in the U.S.-China Tourism Year launch event, organized by BRAND USA.
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Tuniu Training
L.A. Tourism’s Shanghai representatives conducted an in-house training at Tuniu Headquarters, an OTA located in Nanjing, on February 29, 2016. More than 50 agents who oversee pre-sales, after-sales, product management, VIP accounts attended the 1.5 hour training to learn about Los Angeles. Official visitor guides were distributed at the session.
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L.A. Tourism – Japan
L.A. Tourism’s Asia Pacific office attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for American Airlines’ inaugural flight from Haneda in Tokyo, Japan to LAX on February 13, 2016. The nonstop daily flight will be operated by American's state-of-art Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. Representatives distributed L.A. Tourism official guides to the inaugural flight’s passengers. 
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CONFEC Red 2016
L.A. Tourism’s UK & Ireland MICE representative Lisa Stewart attended CONFEC Red, a leading forum for agencies, corporate meeting and incentive planners from the UK & Ireland from February 4-7, 2016. Lisa conducted 20 qualified one-on-one client meetings and attended 3 networking events hosted by the Ritz Carlton and the Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi. Los Angeles was one of 150 international suppliers from 25 countries.


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MPINCC Annual Conference & Expo                      
L.A. Tourism Sales exhibited at the Annual Conference & Expo (ACE), produced by Meeting Professionals International Northern California Chapter (MPINCC), on February 10, 2016 in San Francisco. MPINCC ACE is considered one of the leading regional shows in the meetings and events industry. Partner members included Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach, Hotel Figueroa, Luxe City Center, Sheraton Fairplex Hotel & Conference Center, The Garland, and Warner Center Marriott Woodland Hills.
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PCMA Capital Chapter Event
L.A. Tourism Sales Washington D.C. Office participated in the PCMA Capital Chapter’s Annual ‘Mix n Bowl’ in D.C. on Feb 23, 2016 where more than 250 attendees networked, cultivated client relationships, bowled and played Bocce.  L.A. Tourism’s team included meeting planners from American Wind Energy Association, National Education Association, American Speech-Language Hearing Association and placed 2nd in the Bocce Tournament. 

DMAI Destination Showcase                     
L.A. Tourism Sales exhibited at DMAI Destination Showcase, North America’s largest one-day event exclusively bringing conference, convention and trade show professionals together on February 9, 2016 in Washington D.C. Partner members at the tradeshow included Four Points by Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites. 


L.A. Tourism Public Relations, in partnership with Visit California and their agency DCI, hosted Canadian-based writer Alyssa Schwartz with WestJet (WestJet’s in-flight publication) January 29-February 3, 2016. During her visit, Alyssa experienced several tours including an Arts District Tour with Cartwheel Art Tours, Grand Central Market, Ace Hotel, Architectural Tours, The Broad and a Warner Bros. Studio Tour. Alyssa also enjoyed happy hour at Petty Cash and dinner at Redbird. The experiences will be highlighted in a six-page feature focusing on Downtown, Hollywood and more, along with a separate feature highlighting the Arts District.

USA Today freelance writer Mark Rogers was hosted by L.A. Tourism PR from February 21 –22, 2016. On the sushi trail, Mark’s story will focus on the top sushi restaurants in L.A. and was given a list of more than 10 highly recommended sushi restaurants from dineL.A. Director Stacey Sun. Mark dined omakase style for lunch at Q Sushi in Downtown L.A., among others, and will include an interview with Stacey Sun in his feature. Accommodations were provided by Los Angeles Athletic Club.

The Today Show announced their “Spontaneous L.A. Trip Giveaway” as curated by Discover Los Angeles on February 22, 2016, where they then awarded five winners (plus a guest) a trip to L.A. The winners won a stay at The Line Hotel, dinner at Philippe The Original and a Beach Cities Bike Tour in Hermosa Beach. Today Show mentioned the giveaway throughout the week and aired a follow up segment about the winner’s trip on March 4.

EXTRA correspondent Charissa Thompson interviewed Tom Ellis, star of FOX’s “Lucifer” at The Garland Hotel’s Front Yard Restaurant. The duo conducted an on-screen cooking and cocktail demo during the interview. This segments aired on February 6 and February 15.

CBS-8 San Diego reporter Jeff Zevely taped a segment in Los Angeles which aired on February 8 during the channel’s 5 p.m. newscast. He highlighted well-known movie locations aboard a Star Line Tour and featured the history of The Roosevelt Hotel.

ABC-7 Washington D.C reporter Kidd O’Shea taped several segments relating to the Oscars in Los Angeles including cooking demos at the Garland Hotel’s Front Yard Restaurant and Bouchon as well as highlighting the history of The Roosevelt Hotel. These segments aired on February 26.

Discover Los Angeles curated an L.A. Trip Giveaway on Chicago’s WCIU and its four sister stations. Beach House Hotel in Hermosa Beach provided a 3-night stay to the winner and a guest. This contest ran on-air from February 17 through February 24.

L.A. Tourism PR gathered information from members about the newest in accommodations, airport service, arts & cultural institutions, attractions, shopping, and public transportation in Los Angeles. L.A. Tourism will use this information as a resource for journalists and will update it regularly to be up-to-date on the latest developments across the city. Additional member information can be emailed to Christie Bacock at cbacock@latourism.org