L.A. Tourism at Work - December 2016


Visit California - India Travel Trade FAM
L.A. Tourism, in partnership with Visit California, hosted a FAM group of travel trade decision makers from India Nov. 13 -16, 2016. The educational itinerary highlighted family-friendly experiences including Hornblower Cruises, Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, Universal Studios Hollywood, Starline Hop-On Hop-Off, Petersen Automotive Museum, La Brea Tar Pits Museum, The Original Farmers Market, and Griffith Observatory. Accommodations were provided by The Hilton L.A. Airport. L.A. Tourism thanks all their partners for a successful FAM.

Attitude Awards 2016
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In continued support of the LGBT community, L.A. Tourism sponsored ‘The Music Award’ at the Attitude Awards 2016 in London to deliver the message that Los Angeles is an LGBT-friendly travel destination.  Founded in 1994, Attitude is the U.K.’s best-selling gay lifestyle magazine. Hosted by Alan Cummings, the evening was attended by more than 400 high profile LGBT supporters from the areas of sports, entertainment, fashion, business and politics.  ‘The Music Award’ was won by U.K. artist (and L.A. resident), Robbie Williams. Francine Sheridan, L.A. Tourism regional director, Europe & Middle East, hosted a table at the Awards.

United Airlines - Chile FAM
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L.A. Tourism hosted a lunch presentation for a FAM group from Santiago de Chile as organized by Kuality-Cocha and United Airlines. The group’s educational itinerary highlighted L.A.’s most popular attractions including Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, Madame Tussauds and Starline Tours. With these firsthand experiences, the agents will be able to better sell Los Angeles as a premier travel destination to their clients.

World Travel Market
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L.A. Tourism’s Europe office exhibited at World Travel Market (WTM), the leading global event for the travel industry, in London. Francine Sheridan, regional director, Europe & Middle East, and Hayley French, sales and marketing manager, Europe & Middle East, met with key European and Middle Eastern tour operators and airlines throughout the tradeshow. L.A. Tourism, in partnership with Visit California, co-hosted a VIP client event for 80 airline, trade and media representatives from the U.K. and Ireland. WTM attracted 52,000 delegates across the show’s three days.

Visit California - Australia Mega FAM
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L.A. Tourism hosted a FAM group of Australian travel agents as part of the 2016 Visit California Australia Mega FAM. The three-day educational itinerary highlighted attractions including an L.A. Kings Game at STAPLES Center, Petersen Automotive Museum, and LACMA. The agents enjoyed signature L.A. foodie experiences including dinner at Hollywood hotspot Mama Shelter, lunch at the Miracle Mile food trucks, and cocktails at the Spare Room Bar. They also explored L.A. through Starline Tours Hop-On Hop-Off Bus and a hike through Griffith Park with Bikes & Hikes LA. Accommodations were provided by the Hollywood Roosevelt.

Flight Centre Manager Conference
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L.A. Tourism’s Australia office was a headline sponsor for the Flight Centre Store Manager Conference in Anaheim Nov. 4-6, 2016. More than 280 of Flight Centre’s top-selling store managers from Australia’s New South Wales traveled to Southern California for their annual state sales and team building conference. In partnership with Visit California, L.A. Tourism also sponsored the conference’s gala awards, which was themed as a red carpet movie premiere. The night featured an L.A.-inspired cocktail and a warm welcome from the LA Lakers cheerleaders.

Infinity Holidays Air New Zealand FAM
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L.A. Tourism hosted a FAM group of Flight Centre travel agents from Australia & New Zealand for a three-day trip to Los Angeles. The agents earned their visit as part of a sales incentive put forth by L.A. Tourism’s Australia office in partnership with Universal Studios Hollywood, Santa Monica Tourism, trade partners Infinity Holidays, and Air New Zealand. The educational itinerary highlighted only-in-L.A. experiences including Universal Studios Hollywood (VIP pass), a musical at Pantages Theatre, The Broad and lunch at Grand Central Market. Accommodations were provided by Loews Hollywood Hotel.

China-Ready Sales Call
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L.A. Tourism’s International Tourism team organized a China-Ready sales call for members to cultivate stronger relationships with major Chinese tourism industry partners Dec. 1, 2016. Director of China Services Sheena Yu joined L.A. Tourism members as they visited four Chinese receptive operators who each provided an office tour, a company introduction, clientele updates and market forecasts. Each session included a Q&A session, creating a helpful dialogue about products and needs. These sales calls are a benefit of L.A. Tourism’s China-Ready program and are available to members who have met the program’s requirements.

Visit California Sales Day – Germany
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L.A. Tourism’s Germany representative Anette Kaiser-Rott joined partner Visit California for a three-day travel agent and tour operator event in Frankfurt and Hamburg. Annette connected with 188 travel agents and 10 tour operators, including CEOs and senior product managers, and informed them about Los Angeles. L.A. Tourism also co-sponsored the first raffle prize during the travel agent event in Frankfurt and provided two Starline Hop On Hop Off tickets and two Go LA Cards.

Tour Operator Training - Germany
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L.A. Tourism’s Germany representative Anette Kaiser-Rott trained tour operators and sales staff members during a series of product trainings in Germany. Anette provided updates on the newest L.A. developments and at LAX, and educated key sales staff on how to better sell Los Angeles.

TourConsult Partnership
L.A. Tourism’s Germany representation reached out to several L.A. attractions for a partnership with small specialized tour operator TourConsult.com in Germany with aim to expand L.A.’s product placement there. The tour operator created a Los Angeles micro page on their main website highlighting top L.A. attractions such as Starline Hop On Hop Off and Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. Both partners offered complimentary tickets for social media giveaways and booking incentives.

Best Travel Media Award
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L.A. Tourism’s China office accepted China Tourism’s 10-year Contribution Award for an Overseas Destination Marketing Organization at the National Tourism Awards ceremony in Shanghai on Nov. 10, 2016. The award was presented by Best Travel Media and it acknowledges the efforts and contributions of L.A. Tourism to the development of China’s outbound travel and tourism industry.

CITM 2016 in Shanghai
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L.A. Tourism’s China office joined the Visit California Booth at the Brand USA Pavilion for CITM 2016 in Shanghai Nov. 11-13, 2016. Officials met with 60 trade reps from across China and also organized a networking event with 25 key local outbound tour operators and receptive tour operators at the three-day tradeshow. Trade reps received updates on hotel development, tour products, and LAX’s modernization program. Additionally, four operators were introduced to Asia League, the L.A. Marathon agent.

Sichuan Airlines Launch Event
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L.A. Tourism’s China office participated in a launch event for Sichuan Airline’s new air route from Chengdu via Jinan to LAX on Nov. 17, 2016. Officials delivered a presentation informing more than 150 media and trade reps on the latest L.A. developments, LAX’s modernization program, and updates on tourism products including Step Beyond the Red Carpet, OUE Skyspace LA, Universal Studios Hollywood, Petersen Automotive Museum, and more. The new air service commenced on December 6, 2016.

GZL Travel Collaboration
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L.A. Tourism’s Guangzhou office collaborated with GZL Travel, a leading travel agency in South China, to customize high-end group tour itineraries for the upcoming Chinese New Year Holiday. The itineraries highlight new tourism products including "Beyond the Red Carpet" tour, Petersen Automotive Museum, and Winter dineL.A. in January. Officials, along with representatives from the U.S. Consulate General Guangzhou and Brand USA, participated in the GZL Travel Chinese New Year Tour Product Press Conference on Nov. 28, 2016 to share the products and L.A. attractions to 25 media.

"Raid Amazones"
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L.A. Tourism partnered with "Raid Amazones," a reality competition show that features female teams racing around the world. The program taped across the state of California including a treasure hunt in Los Angeles, as organized by L.A. Tourism, with 90 teams and 270 participants on November 17, 2016.  A big thank you to TN, the official airline. To download the video, please click https://we.tl/ZNDKJJxX5N

Visit USA Workshop Paris
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L.A. Tourism's France office participated in a workshop organized by the French Visit USA committee in Paris on November 17, 2016 with a total of 140 travel agents attending. L.A. Tourism repsresentatives provided a presentation on Los Angeles and updated the agents on LAX with the objective to increase bookings to the destination.

Visit California France Training
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L.A. Tourism's France office participated in a training organized by Visit California France on November 8, 2016 with 18 travel agents attending the training. Reprentatives provided an L.A. product presentation and updated the agents on LAX with the objective to increase bookings to LAX and the destination. 


Sports & Wellness Media FAM
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Discover Los Angeles hosted a global media FAM highlighting L.A.’s unique outdoor/wellness activities and sports options November 3 – 7, 2016. The group consisted of media from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, and domestic markets. The educational itinerary included experiences at Terranea Resort, Catalina Island, Breeder’s Cup at Santa Anita Park, STAPLES Center, a L.A. Rams football game and a hike of Griffith Park with Bikes and Hikes. Dining experiences included Broken Spanish and Zinc Café. Accommodations were provided by Terranea Resort and Los Angeles Athletic Club.

Discover Los Angeles hosted Canadian journalist, Steve MacNaull of Sunmedia November 12-15, 2016 on assignment for a story focusing on a guy’s getaway with a wellness angle. Steve explored L.A.’s Beach Cities and experienced Manhattan Beach’s Camp Surf program. Other first-hand experiences included brunch at Ports O’ Call, a cruise with Spirit Cruise Lines, a show at The Comedy and Magic Club, a bike ride with Hermosa Cyclery and stand-up paddle boarding with Tarsan in Redondo Beach. Steve enjoyed dining experiences at Dia de Campo, Baleen Kitchen, and Cleo at L.A. LIVE. Accommodations were provided by Westin Los Angeles Airport. His story has been published in several Canadian publications including Winnipeg Free Press, The Prince George Citizen and Okanagan Sunday.

Discover Los Angeles hosted Rick McGinnis of Toronto Sun from November 29 – December 2, 2016 on assignment for a story focusing on hiking, walking and wellness options in Los Angeles. Rick explored L.A.’s hiking trails including Mount Lee and Brush Canyon Trail, Fryman Canyon, Parker Mesa and Rustic Canyon. He enjoyed dining experiences at a mix of both healthy and new restaurants including Paley, a.o.c., Suncafe Organic, Preston’s Inn of the Seventh Ray and Carbon Beach Club. Accommodations were provided by Loews Hollywood Hotel and Malibu Beach Inn. Rick’s coverage is expected to appear in the next few months.

Discover Los Angeles hosted Canadian journalist, Hannah Yakobi of FAJO Magazine from November 30 – December 4, 2016 for a story focusing on urban wellness getaway. Hannah experienced a new wellness package from Farmer’s Daughter called, ‘Namast’ay in Bed’ as well as the Original Farmers Market, The Getty Center, The Comedy Store, hiking Runyon Canyon, the Hollywood Bowl Museum, MOCA, The Broad and a massage at the Ritz-Carlton Spa. Hannah’s dined at a mix of new restaurants and healthy options including Republique, a.o.c., Otium, The Springs and Faith & Flower. Accommodations were provided by Farmer’s Daughter the Omni Los Angeles. Hannah’s coverage is expected to appear over the next three months in three separate articles about her stay.