Making in Between: Queer Clay

title of exhibition (left), white porcelain plate with two blue-coated standing figures (rt)
$0-$14    |  May 6 - Dec 30, 2023  |  11:00AM - 4:00PM
American Museum of Ceramic Art

Making in Between: Queer Clay (MIB: Queer Clay) is the second major exhibition in the American Museum of Ceramic Art’s Making in Between series. The series brings together works by artists doing intersectional work and exploring common themes of identity, culture, and community. In 2020, Making in Between: Contemporary Chinese American Ceramics featured works by six first- and second-generation artists who shared themes of cultural heritage, identity, language, politics, migration, and displacement.

As MIB: Queer Clay shifts the lens of the Making in Between series from national heritage to explore broader influences on identity, it centers queerness as an unapologetic presence. Mounting an exhibition that focuses solely on work by queer artists, AMOCA brings less familiar narratives to the forefront of ceramics. MIB: Queer Clay will feature works by historical artists, whose identities have remained largely unseen until recently, alongside contemporary makers.

Mounting an exhibition focusing solely on work by queer artists, AMOCA brings often-sidelined narratives to the forefront of ceramics. Exhibiting artists are Sascha Brastoff (1917-1993), Howard Kottler (1930-1989), Mark Burns (b. 1950), Grayson Perry (b. 1960), Ramekon O’Arwisters (b.1960), Larry Buller (b. 1961), Julia Kunin (b.1961), Vick Quezada (b. 1979), Nicki Green (b. 1986), Alex Anderson (b. 1990), Karla Ekatherine Canseco (b. 1995), and Tamara Santibañez (b. 1987). Presented together for the first time, these works exemplify the compelling contributions of LGBTQ+ artists to the western art canon.

Making in Between: Queer Clay is co-curated by Beth Ann Gerstein and Pam Aliaga.