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The LATMD conducted its bi-annual Regional Meetings with General Managers and Directors of Sales & Marketing from TMD hotels in the five regions with the City of Los Angeles from December 4 -5, 2017.

TMD Chairman Javier Cano and the L.A. Tourism team reported on each region's lodging metrics and delivered updates on current marketing and sales activities to the attending hoteliers. The group engaged in strategic discussions about how the TMD and L.A. Tourism can help grow business in each of city's regions.

L.A. Tourism's Marketing team previewed regional videos that were created using the TMD group's input from the June 2017 Regional Meeting. These videos are now being refined with additional feedback from the TMD group. Keep an eye out for the final videos which should be revealed very soon.

If you were unable to attend your region’s meeting and would like a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, please contact Gina Trechter, TMD Project Manager, at gtrechter@latourism.org or at (213) 236-2336.

If you are interested in hosting a future Regional Meeting, please contact Gina. The next round of Regional Meetings is scheduled for June 2018.