Featured Member: ComeTogether Corp. - April 2017

ComeTogether is L.A.’s premier DMC – offering the full MICE spectrum - for over 20 years!

We have decades of experience in planning and coordinating Congresses, Meetings, Events, Enhancements, Team-Building Activities and so much more. Our multilingual, tenacious staff understands the true value of a meticulously crafted and highly unique professional occasion. Our team creates programs tailor-made for you, ensuring that all participants feel special from lift-off to touchdown. Our diverse staff is also uniquely positioned to handle the cultural nuances necessary when hosting international guests.

ComeTogether manages programs in most major destinations including the continental U.S. and Canada.

For more information visit: http://www.come-together.net/cometogether/ct_index1.html

Please pick up our presentation http://bit.ly/2nTKHK0