SCI-Arc presents: Jennifer Chen, “No Evil”

Jennifer Chen, Albedo Enhancement Tarpaulin / Region 187-043 / Circa 2095, 2022.
Free    |  Feb 10 - Apr 30, 2023  |  6:00PM

SCI-Arc is pleased to announce design faculty Jennifer Chen’s first US solo exhibition, No Evil, opening February 10 in the SCI-Arc Gallery. The exhibition imagines a long distant future when, after planetary scaled geoengineering systems have saved earth’s population from climate extinction, planet surviving events have become new creation stories: “machines that once filled the air, sown the seeds, fertilized the ocean, and dimmed the sun have long since been decommissioned.”

Using 2D and 3D data corrupting techniques to simulate the fading of memories across time and a mixture of analogue techniques including weaving, sewing, welding, and casting, as well as digital fabrication techniques including 3D printing and CNC milling, the exhibition combines decayed digital data and new cultural curiosities to imagine a world where new mythologies are created, giving rise to a new form of craft.