A Faery Hunt Magical Adventure

Lots of Surprises in Fairyland
$15.00 per person    |  Dec 10, 2022  |  10:30AM - 11:30AM
Orcutt Ranch Horticultural Center

A Faery Hunt shows are interactive performances for young audiences inspiring imagination & fun. When we believed in magic we knew in our hearts there was something enchanted, beautiful & kind just around the next corner, remember this and you to may glimpse Faeryland.

Join the Faeries on this magical, immersive adventure! We’ll meet faeries & funny creatures, maybe even Faery Royalty! Many children come in costume. Wings, wands & CD's of Faery Music available at the show; for $5-$10. Perfect for ages 2-10 & great fun for the whole family! Groups and birthday parties are welcome!

More info: 818-324-6802, debbie@afaeryhunt.com