Heroic 2022 : Let’s Make 2023 the Greatest Year of Your Life!

Heroic 2022
$449    |  Dec 9 - 11, 2022  |  9:00AM - 4:00PM
Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel

Join in for an immersive weekend of inspiring content, actionable practices, and an (optional) HUGE team Spartan race, plus join in on the Heroic movement.

You'll walk away from Heroic 2022 feeling energized, confident, radiantly alive, and ready to close 2022 strong and make 2023 the best year of your life.

Special guests include Phil Stutz (author of The Tools and Coming Alive, therapist and coach to world-leading figures in Hollywood and beyond, and the inspiration behind so many Optimize +1s and practical tools in the Heroic app), who will be joining us for a unique experience none of us will soon forget.

We'll also be joined by Brian Cain, one of THE leading authorities on mental performance and a long-time student of Heroic. Brian has personally coached UFC World Champions, multiple NCAA National Champions, and hundreds of athletes in the UFC, NBA, PGA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. He'll be teaching us 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery, plus inviting a few more top-secret special guests (🤫) to share how THEY apply mental performance (as well as the daily behaviors they track!) to dominate their domains.

On Saturday afternoon, we'll IMMEDIATELY (Theory → Practice!) get the chance to apply everything we're learning to conquer a Spartan race together (and/or encouraging those on the course) at the Castaic Lake State Recreation Area, one hour north of LA. We're also planning to do so as the largest team in Spartan history.

Note: In case you’ve got a voice in your head saying “I could never do a Spartan race,” you should know that A) you’re not alone and B) that voice is most likely lying to you and C) the hardest part is getting to the starting line and D) when you cross the finish line (which you WILL, with the help of an army of Heroes alongside you) you'll have gained more courage, confidence, and enthusiasm to tackle anything life throws at you.

Then, we'll culminate the event by channeling everything we've experienced into Greatest Year Ever 2023 - LIVE, guided by Heroic founder Brian Johnson - as we prepare to close 2022 strong and make 2023 the best year of our lives!!!


It's all happening in the presence and power of an astonishing community of radiantly alive Optimizing Heroes that you're going to LOVE connecting with... and maybe even forming a few life-long friendships.