Family Workshop: Drawing the Arctic Fox and Snowshoe Hare!

snowshoe hair illustration Jackie Glosman
FREE!    |  Dec 3, 2022  |  10:00AM - 11:00AM
Virtual Event

In this special winter workshop combining drawing with zoology, students learn to draw animals that change their appearance with the seasons including the Snowshoe Hare and the Arctic Fox. As temperatures drop and autumn gives way to winter, some animals in colder regions give up their dark colored fur or feathers in exchange for winter-white -- camouflage is an adaptation allowing predators to sneak up on their prey, while permitting other animals to safely blend into their surroundings. The white coats that animals grow also helps them stay warm in their cold environments.

Using colored pencil, watercolor, or pastel, students develop their understanding of line, shape, form, and light, dark, and color contrasts, while learning about these distinctive animals and their use of camouflage.

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