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Monday, 27 September 2021
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A saying from the earliest dawn-of-time primeval days, the timeless days, even long before the teachings of the Rishis and the sages and the Vedas even long before the advent of the Christs, the Buddhas, the Primordial One! - the nature of lineage is plainly explained, in its stark simplicity; as no more than proximity:

“One flame lights another, which in turn then lights another . . .”

“Darshan” is an ancient Sanskrit term used to refer specifically to the metaphysical phenomenon that transpires when one avails oneself of connecting with a genuine (i.e., “God-commanded”) Guru or spiritual Master (typically, but not exclusively, a human being).

So darshan, in brief, is both the situation and the result of the spiritual energy (in Hinduism and Buddhism, called “shakti”) that the guru function naturally transmits to those who seek it out (regardless of intention or circumstances), or come under its sway.

One “receives” darshan, i.e., a real and genuine transfer occurs. If we can safely assume that the guru or spiritual master is energetically more attuned to the vibrational frequency of the Divine, at the very least, more so than the seeker - then that vibratory frequency can be transmitted from master to seeker - pretty much exactly like how a tuning fork works.

This is referred to in various ways, depending on the tradition, but we have all likely heard terminology like: “the blessing of the Master” or “the transmission of the Master” or “the grace of the Guru” or “the gaze of the Master”, etc. Such phrasing is not metaphoric or symbolic or even poetic, nor explicitly or implicitly conforming to any particular belief system or set of principles. It’s simply real, the same way that sunshine is real, the same way that gravity is real.

Today’s worldly voices would like to deny the existence and reality of such entirely metaphysical and divinely-driven phenomena, based on their frail argument that some of its aspects include being invisible and not measurable (even though quite tangible and palpable to millions). So how is this different from saying that love doesn’t exist, because it can’t be “objectively” “proven” or quantified. Amazingly, it somehow never occurs to these commentators that their science might be too primitive, or insufficiently objective, to have yet developed the appropriate instruments and technologies; because in fact, all effective yogas and spiritual practices & methods and transcendental systems are based in pure, original science - with eons of data-collection as back-up.

The way of the mystic is science itself [inquiry plus experimentation]. Remember, Newton formulated his Laws of Gravity only 335 years ago [when YOUR great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather was your current age, i.e., not all that long ago!]; and in his own era, the word that today connotes “science” when we hear it, was “philosophy”, so that during his lifetime, Isaac Newton was not referred to as a great ‘scientist’, but rather, as the West’s leading “philosopher” [i.e., “scientist”!]. Don’t forget that word meanings change frequently (gay? - lame? - sick? - and countless examples from every place and time).

Another example that illumines this subject is to consider that astrology is a far more proven and reliable science than astronomy. The latter has only been collecting data for a scant 600 years [and exclusively in the Western mind-frame], while the former literally has multiple millennia of statistics and demonstrated discoveries as its [repeatedly proven] foundation, even across wholly different cultures and paradigms. Therefore, notice that the position of these worldly voices is essentially: “my intangibles are more valid and significant than your intangibles”.

And in fact - darshan - the ‘Divine blessing’ aspect of this transference, is not only quite real and actual, but even furthermore, cannot be overstated.

It bestows unique benefit to the receiver on many levels, felt and unfelt (e.g., consciousness-raising, awareness-cultivating, clearing, unblocking, attunement, alignment, opening, purification, etc.). The task of the seeker (receiver) is to make themself as open, receptive and available as possible, while both are alive - i.e., so that the seeker can be in the physical presence of the Master, and maximally ‘allow in’ or ‘absorb’, or ‘be affected by’ the higher Divine vibrational level (energy). Any immediate experience is not as significant as the lasting effects, which are spiritually potent and permanent, and typically unfold over time.

Just as Premodaya received the life-altering and course-changing Darshan of Swami Muktananda, of Swami Satchidananda, and of his own two Masters - first from his beloved Osho - and then a powerful booster from Gangaji - Swami Premodaya wholeheartedly invites you to receive his Darshan - his transference of the Divine into you. Come receive his advantageous Blessing and his extension of support and protection.

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