Operation Scrubs "Thank A Nurse" Challenge

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May 11, 2021  |  12:00AM
Virtual Event

Thanks a billion!

Just say “thank you” during National Nurses Week, May 6 to 12, that’s the mission of Operation Scrubs…having one billion people worldwide say “thank you” to the 27 million nurses around the globe, the unsung frontline heroes who care for us, who are the eyes and ears of the doctor.

Pamela Jane Nye, CEO of Operation Scrubs, Inc., and Neuroscience Nursing, Ltd., an advocate for educating and honoring nurses, asks that a billion people “Leave your ‘Thank You’ on the permanent virtual wall during National Nurses Week, May 6 to 12, at www.thankanurseteamchallenge.org ” Pam continued.

“As a former nurse, I know how meaningful this will be to nurses everywhere. There is nothing more powerful than being appreciated,” she concluded.

Nye was named “The Nurse of the Year” for excellence in nursing at a large Los Angeles medical center in 2004.